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Please Stop

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(Sorry for the shitty art, I hand drew it in a few minutes to get it done quickly and then digitized it)

Alrighty, guys, time to have a little chat about a couple things that have been increasing in frequency and irritating me. Those two things are complaining about the Patreon and asking me on DA when the next page is coming out; the latter doesn’t bother me as much as the former but they’re both irritating and I’ve asked people not to ask when pages are coming out before and it seems to be increasing in volume soooo it’s time to address it along with the Patreon-Elephant in the room.

First let’s tackle asking/begging for new pages of the FOOP comic... I usually, if there’s enough backlog of pages on my patreon, upload a page a week. Sometimes if I’m super ahead on my patreon- 5-10 pages ahead- I’ll upload two a week just to treat you guys. But the standard is 1 upload a week. The only time this drops in frequency is when I haven’t had enough time in my real life to keep the Patreon at least 3 pages in advance of the comic on DA. I wont let DA catch up to the Patreon as seeing things early is literally the main perk of paying for Patreon, so if it gets within 3 pages of the most recent page I will not upload on DA until I can dedicate more time to the Patreon uploads. So, if you’ve noticed that there hasn’t been an upload in a couple weeks to a month it means my life is hectic and I haven’t been able to upload more on the Patreon. If you’re getting a weekly update it means I’m at least 3+ ahead on my patreon and so long as I remain so I will continue uploading weekly. If you are lucky and get 2 uploads a week it means I ‘m super ahead on my Patreon and treating you but please don’t get used to this as it normally doesn’t last and should be considered a rare occurance.

So, with the fact that I wont upload- usually- more than once a week, PLEASE STOP ASKING ME WHEN THE NEXT PAGE WILL BE UPLOADED; especially if you’ve already gotten your weekly page. If you’ve already got the page this week it will be uploaded sometime next week. IF you haven’t gotten a page yet this week you can assume it’ll happen sometime before the Sunday of that week. I don’t have a set day I upload but so long as I can keep the Patreon ahead you can assume a weekly page. Please don’t ask for more, and please stop hounding me about the next upload… It gets frustrating.

Second, let’s talk about complaining about the perks some get for supporting me on Patreon. This one is very simple… I work a hell of a lot to stay on my feet and sometimes that isn’t enough. I work 4 jobs, do commissions, and still find time to produce these comic pages. These pages take me, on average, 4-8 hours to complete and I was doing that for free before I started the Patreon subscriptions. My hourly rate for freelance is $25/hour… That’s $100-$200 of work for free just to make you guys happy. So I decided $3/month wasn’t so much to ask for the perk of seeing the content first.

My Patreon Subscribers are literally only paying to see the pages first and get a bit of a discount on commissions. The only exclusive content they get is occasional line art I’ll offer to them. They literally see the exact same things you guys see for free here on DA, just a bit earlier. I don’t withhold any of the FOOP comic published on Patreon from DA, you’re just getting it at a slower rate. For free. You are getting this content they pay to see early for FREE. I’m sorry if you feel that it’s unfair that they get to see it first, but they’re paying for that perk and you have the option to do so too. I could understand the anger if I wasn’t releasing certain pages on DA and making them Patreon-exclusive but I’m not doing that. And complaining about it isn’t going to change how I’m doing this, and complaining about it enough will result in a block because I don’t have to deal with choosing-beggars. Those of you who will still inevitably ask me time and time again when the next page is, or get upset with me because of the Patreon, just know my patience is wearing thin.

Anyway… I appreciate every single one of my followers be it on Patreon and DA. I thank those of you who wait patiently and pleasantly participate in communication via comments or notes and appreciate what I do. I thank those of you supporting my Patreon and helping me with some of my financial struggles and appreciate the early-access.

Bitchy-rant over!
Thank you! <3

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GeorginaMegJe Traditional Artist
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CJPrime931Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"When will the next page be uploaded?"

Banzai: I don't know. When are you coming for dinner? >:3
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wolvenlied1989Student General Artist
People can be rather shitty... Don't worry about it. I don't mind waiting and I totally understand the patreon thing. I adore your comic and I just hope you don't stop because I can't wait to see how it ends. 
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Good things take time people.

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MagicalHyena-FanArtHobbyist Artist
I am always patient. I would never ask these kind of quotes like that. I’m sorry these impatient quotes made you feel this way.
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You work FOUR JOBS?! Good gad, Raven, do you ever get a chance to relax? And then you have all this on top of it... 

Anything worth seeing from you is worth waiting for. I just want to make that clear. And honestly, I would not be surprised if all the begging caused the comics to stop. We'd be sad, naturally, but it would make sense if that ended up being what you had to do to take care of yourself. 
I hope to become a Patron of yours soon, frankly, and not just because of the perks. I can't afford to commission many of the artists I love, so I support as many of them as I can on Patreon. It feels like it balances out that way.

Ah, I've gone on too long. Take care of yourself, you hear?
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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
I'm sorry you have to deal with this Raven.

and to all those who are repeatedly asking "WHEN'S THE NEXT PAGE" 


Raven has a life outside of DeviantArt, and she doesn't have time for any of your impatient whining.

So stop being impatient brats and give Raven some time.
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jaywolf2800Hobbyist General Artist

everyone either chill out or our lovely raven ain't gonna post a damn thing. She probably has better things to do then post her art that she puts a lot of work on, so be grateful that she even considers sharing the beautiful art she creates. Instead of complaining, be patient and give raven the respect she deserves. she has come a long way with this story, the art has improved fantastically over time, and she doesn't need impatient lil BRATS harassing her about when she'll post next. Raven i respect you, and am thankful when you do update on your page. Please take your time and continue doing such a great job.

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Hunter5782Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh raven! With that much work I don't mind if only update once a year! Your poor soul! Good luck 👍

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VioletWhirlwindHobbyist General Artist
FOUR jobs?!  On top of commissions and comic pages?  Wow.  I don't know how you do it...I'd go crazy, heh. 
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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
My brain would explode and I'd start convulsing on the floor while foaming at the mouth.
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spyrkle4Student Digital Artist
omg sorry you had to deal with that pestering
and sorry if I ever made you feel annoyed
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I'm actually pretty happy you made a Patreon. I've watched you for years. You deserve to get something in return for all your work. Always happy to be a supporter. <3
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I have a question, If u comment "Can't wait for next page!" or something like that, does it bother u???
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albinoraven666fanartProfessional Digital Artist
That is no problem :)
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GreatMartaHobbyist Writer

Waiting is the essence of life. Waiting makes us appreciate the things we get. With waiting, there is something to look forward to.

But yeah, I guess people won’t understand the effort that goes into making a comic unless they’ve made one on their own. I did make a comic for a while and it was exhausting. That taught me never to ask for updates from other people.

I hope your life becomes easier. It sounds extremely demanding the way you put it.

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Oh I so feel you.  Rank that right up there with "Update please!" comments.  The updates will happen when they happen.  If you really want to show the artist or author you appreciate what they do then leave a comment talking about the chapter.  I want to know what you thought about it!  "Update please!" is just plain rude and demanding!

I mean, you have a lot of good people who support you and aren't suffering from entitlement.  I'd give the offenders one warning (maybe by sticking the thumb of this post in the reply and nothing more) then block them.  They're not going to respect you, they don't get to leave anymore comments.  It's not like you'll be blocking them from seeing the content.

I hope this cuts down on the nonsense you're suffering but I fear you'll have to put your foot down to make your point.  Good luck!
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I am very sorry you are dealing with this :/ it's like people don't think you have a life outside of this comic -_- I too am making a comic and haven't worked on if for about a month now but no one asks me about it heh Sweating a little... but it's on a cartoon no one really knows about so...

But again I am sorry this is all happening :(
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Little-Ferret-ArtHobbyist Artist
I can't imagine complaining about not getting more pages.
It makes my day when I log in and see that you've uploaded -anything- and comic pages are the best. :heart:
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Those spoiled little brats demanding for pages should feel privileged that you even care to share your comic pages online at all! Especially since you have been at it for years at this point!
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KoofinsHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a friend who hasn't updated her comic in three years, and she gets notes/comments about it nearly daily still.

There's a certain part of any artist's audience that, through ignorance (willful or not) don't seem to understand that the artist isn't a machine. And that things like comics aren't produced like, say, a TV show or movie might be. These things are also works of art, but there's multiple people working on them. Meanwhile for the most part, freelancers are a one-person show. Consumers of a freelance artist's content sometimes forget to respect the fact that this is a luxury, and not all luxuries can be made with the snap of a finger.

This kind of hounding also leads to burn-out, something I wish had been more openly and willingly addressed well before the past few years. I know of plenty of artists who feel bad/they're letting their fans down when they run out of all steam for a passion project, and it just becomes a job.

OK I'm done rambling now. Work at the pace you want to, not the one others expect you to. Quality over speed, always!!!!
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Four jobs... HONEY, when do you SLEEP? ;-;

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albinoraven666fanartProfessional Digital Artist
o.o I don't....(XD, I do just not a lot)
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