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Forbidden Love

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Commission for :iconnala15:

I've been waiting for an opportunity to draw these two. I LOVE Nala15's comic. Been following it for years. If you haven't seen it go check it out.
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uru and rehema

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They look absolutely magnificent!! :heart:
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I wonder if Uru and Rehema will reunite and officially become a couple in "Brothers"?
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I love that comic
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I love this comic!
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O this is gorgeous!
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Aaah, they look gorgeous. :heart:  I love how Rehema's mane is flowing around Uru. :)
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Love the clean and sharp lines.
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Probably the most famous of forbidden loves known to the Lion King fandom! :love:
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A love that sadly could never happen, but they look simply amazing in your style, as everyone else has been saying, I gotta agree. ^^

And I also adore the sky colors too, you really ensured everything in this really popped, especially Rehema and Uru~ c:
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OOOOH!!!!Love Love Love Love 
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So beautiful!! I love these two together so much!! 😍
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Rehema and Nala's Uru look AMAZING in your style! :D <3

I love her comics too! Awesome job, Raven! c:
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Oh my gosh! This IS AWESOME!
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:squee: This is magnificent! :love: Rehema and Uru look so beautiful in your style and I love the snuggley, romantic pose that you chose for them! Rehema's expression is just... When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) And so's Uru's. I feel like you captured the essence of their relationship in this. Rehema's sweet, but maybe nervous or unsure and Uru is just happy to feel free to love whom she wants. And I've gotta take a moment to say the colors for that sky are just the best! :thumbsup: Really brings all their colors together well!

Thanks so much, Raven! :hug: And thanks for the plug, too and the long-time following of my comics! :highfive: I appreciate it!
(Also your timing on this is impeccable as I just started the first segment of Rehema's Valentine event. :XD:)

Forgot to mention Rehema's mane!!! AHHHH!!! :omgomgbb: 
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I am so glad you like it, and that you think it does your characters justice. I remember reading through your comic so I think I captured their personalities decently so its awesome you think so :D 
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Thanks so much again! :hug: And I really think that you did an awesome job! :aww:
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Rehema is a way too handsome in your style, I can't help but stare at his eyes and whole being... <3 

And indeed, I agree with you about Nala's comics - they're pretty good! 
Her comic "betrothed" actually inspired me on my own stories, in a way, which tells a lot about how much I appreciate her stuff etc. c:
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Yes! Your art and her characters, awesome :heart: 
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