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Ever since I did the Slytherin Quidditch Team… I've felt an urge to do one for Hufflepuff. And fiiinally I sat down and create these, much with help from friends, thanks guys!

Here comes the info about all characters:

Arthur (Art) Brooks
Age: 12
Position: Seeker

Art is the youngest in the team, and called their secret weapon. Connor Brooks from the Slytherin team is his older brother, and he convinced Art to try out for the team, not believing he'd make it. But they decided to take him in because he seemed to have some great potential. The other teams didn't at all believe in Art, and figured this would be easy. But at his first game he found the snitch so fast he almost broke the school's record.
He's a bit shy and very introvert. Much thanks to his older brother taking so much space.

Beatrice Kemf
Age: 17
Position: Keeper and Team Leader

She is a very positive and bubbly woman, but a real fighter in life. She isn't afraid of asking questions, and will tell you if she feels something is wrong. If you're feeling down, you can be sure she'll be there for you. These traits have made her a fantastic team leader and she is proud of her title.
People often assume her to be stupid, but she definitely is not.
She is from North Ireland, and her family are pureblooded. Her twin brothers were sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin, and she got one younger sister that was born a squib.

Matthew MacQueen
Age: 16
Position: Beater

Personality: Calm and friendly, do everything to please others and is a bit clumsy. But either way, he is very loved, and is the prefect of the year. As a beater, he channels all his inner rage and is very frightening, like the true badger he is.
His strongest subjects is potions and ancient runes. But he pretty much sucks at DODA and Arithmancy.
He is a halfblood, his mother is a witch. He has three siblings, one brother(Slytherin) and two sisters(Ravenclaw and Gryffindor).

Kondwani (Kon or The B Quartet) Banda-Nkolola
Age: 15
Position: Beater

Personality: Really loud and jokes a lot. He loves Quidditch and other sports. And love to teach others how to play. He's known as the Badass Badger Beater Banda. He loves to hug, and doesn't always think before jumps you. He doesn't at all care about your house.
He moved to England from Malawi when he was seven with his family of four. Both his parents are magical.

Evelyn Pugh
Age: 14
Position: Chaser

Personality: She was born mute, but that doesn't stop her from doing what she want. And thanks to her, the team have developed a sign system during the games, to contact her but also the others. This gives them an advantage since the other teams don't have a freaking clue whats going on.
She's a sweet girl, very calm and focused. And observes everything, due to this she pretty much knows everything about everyone. If you every do anything against her, she will forgive you but never forget. She actually got to choose what house to be in when was with the sorting hat. Hufflepuff was a clear choice for her.
She's from Wales, and is the only child from a pureblooded family.
Her best friends are Dianne Hill and Hugo Weasley.

Todd McKinney
Age: 15
Position: Chaser

He is a helpful, confident, but rather clumsy. He loves to make his surrounding happy in different ways, and he never show it when he has a bad day. He prefers wearing clothes that are considered too big for him, and due to his small size it often shows a lot. But doesn't seem to have much of a fashion sense either, but he really don't care.
He is a great chaser, and have been on the team for three years now.
His family is from Scotland, and he is a halfblood, but his whole family is magical. He has a little sister in Ravenclaw and one brother yet to be sorted.

Deanne Hill
Age: 14
Position: Chaser

She is normally a very shy and easily scared girl. But when she is out on the field her confidence gets a huge boosted and she really shines. She is really fast, quick thinking and works very well in the team.
She is from London, and has two older brothers, and is the only with magic in her family. It was quite a shock when they got the letter from Hogwarts, and was first not taken seriously.
She had always loved playing football with her brothers, and felt the same kind of rush there. That's why she decided to try out for the team in the beginning of her fourth year.
Her best friends are Evelyn Pugh and Hugo Weasley.
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lies!i am the seeker -_- hehe anyways awesome job!!!! :)