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Wishing Upon A Lantern [KEM PROMPT]

Kematas are a closed species created and owned by AmPmRm and manticorgi
Ciel (left) belongs to ZcooFang and Atlas (right) belongs to me!
Art drawn by me, writing typed by ZcooFang 


EXP Breakdown: (For both Atlas and Ciel)
+3 FB, +3 C&S, +3 DB, +2 C, +5 PD, +2 OK, +27 100WC, +20 Prompt Reward = 65 EXP
Atlas mentioned: 43 --- Ciel mentioned: 49


Ciel looked to her brother's aide one final time but the sad look in their eyes told the same story: her brother's busy schedule wouldn't let him leave with her to partake in the festival. She knew she shouldn't have hoped for too much, she knew how busy being the Sky King made her brother.

"Alright then! I'll just have to bring him something back!" Ciel swallowed back the sob she wanted to release and gave the aide a watery smile. She waved a falsely cheery goodbye to them, dropped the cloak she'd grabbed for her brother to hide his identity, and scurried away so the aide wouldn't see the tears running down her cheeks.

She knew the ins and outs of her home, given that she loved to explore, so she knew precisely how to get out of her home without being seen. And truth be told, she didn't want anyone to see her in that state. Once she reached the outer wall, she allowed herself a few moments to cry before she composed herself.

The festival wasn't a place for tears, after all.


­Atlas glanced at the clock - the sun still held its lofty position high in the sky. He let out a weary sigh as he looked over everything he'd accomplished in the last day. Was it enough?

A series of knocks alerted Atlas to his aid's presence, and he allowed them entrance to his study. The aide bowed their head in respect and, with Atlas' questioning glance, told him, "The princess was just here. She left this here for you. She is hoping you can join her at the festival later on." The aide passed Atlas a cloak, large enough to cover his entire body.

Atlas hummed under his breath – she’d remembered what he said about needing to keep his identity hidden. And she’d somehow procured quite the interesting artifact for him; something to make him rather unremarkable in the eyes of others. He then glanced around to the piles of paperwork still on his desk. Although nowhere near as insurmountable as when he started, he noticed quite a bit of work still remained.

Atlas knew very well that the festival ended that night – Ciel told him as such. However, his kingly duties restricted him from going. Ciel’s pleas entered Atlas’ mind at that moment, however. How desperate she looked when she asked him… no, begged him to join her on the festival’s final night. He felt torn between his duty as her brother and his duty as the king of the Sky Kingdom.

A series of knocks interrupted Atlas’ musing. His aide stated, through the door, that a delegate from the Council requested an audience. Atlas’ brow furrowed, confused and a little worried for the reason that a Council delegate had to visit him without prior notice.

No matter. Atlas straightened up his messy desk and then promptly called for his aide to open the door. The harried delegate scurried in not moments later, looking entirely too worn out to even speak to the king. Atlas ignored that, however, and beckoned the delegate to a nearby seat. They dropped down thankfully and took only a moment before a serious expression settled over them.

“Apologies for requesting a meeting without prior notice, King Atlas. I’m afraid the matter is of utmost urgency.”

Precisely at that moment, Atlas knew he wouldn’t be able to meet his sister – not for quite some time, at least.


Upon her arrival at the festival grounds, Ciel’s eyes looked almost as if she hadn’t spent the journey there crying. She felt immensely grateful for that fact, especially as she greeted the other festival-goers. Thinking honestly, she had no reason to sulk – not really. She guessed her brother might end up being too busy to go with her. So, she just decided to enjoy the festival on her own and just… bring him back something. Just as she’d done for all the other festivals.

Well, what better time than the present to have fun? Ciel nodded her head firmly. She’d shown up on the final day of the festival, so she’d better make use of the time given to her. And with that newfound resolve, she steeled her aching heart and entered the festival proper.

The sight of seemingly infinite rows of stalls greeted Ciel first. And then she took notice of all the other Kematas; some with their lovers, some with their familiars, some with friends, and even others all on their own. And yet, all present looked like they thoroughly enjoyed the festival. Such a sight warmed Ciel’s heart as she moved to the first stall – some kind of food stall, perhaps? She’d no idea what kind of food it served, however, so her curiosity pushed her onward faster… that and the stall itself smelled so good.

For a moment, Ciel wished she hadn’t left Fastian at home. He’d love the savory looking skewers… maybe she could get some to bring back home for him. Lost in her thoughts, she almost missed the vendor who asked her if she wanted anything. Broken from her thoughts, Ciel nodded and pointed to one of the skewers. The vendor smiled at her and told her to go ahead and take one. Ciel passed them some opals in exchange and delicately took one of the skewers between her claws.

Although certain that street vendors served this kind of food in the Sky Kingdom, Ciel hadn't ever had the opportunity until now to truly try some. It smelled not sweet or savory but both! The prospect excited Ciel as she took a bite into the chicken of one of the skewers. The smell from the skewers reflected well on her tongue as the sweet and savory flavors of the sauce intermingled perfectly with the juicy chicken! Ciel’s head whipped up from the skewer to look at the vendor with an excited smile. She proclaimed how amazing the skewers were. The vendor chuckled at Ciel’s enthusiastic words and thanked her for her hearty compliment.

Ciel giggled, mildly embarrassed by how she reacted. Eager to escape, she scarfed down the remainder of her skewer – Yakitori, the vendor told her – and scuttled off. She heard the vendor’s good-natured titter behind her and dipped her head in an effort to appear smaller.

Time to explore more of the festival… and hide away from her embarrassment.


A sense of unease settled over Atlas. An emergency meeting? Why could they not simply tell him what had occurred? He prayed that it was important but not something serious. And yet, his mind wandered to Glaedr. Why, he didn't quite know.

"My King." Atlas' aide called to him and snapped him from his thoughts. Atlas calmly lifted his head and looked to his aide. The aide cleared their throat and held up the previously forgotten cloak his sister left for him. Ah, yes. Atlas hadn't considered going to the festival after the important meeting but perhaps it would help to take his mind off it. And, perhaps, his sister's innocent manner could help him ease his worries, if only for a moment.

"Good idea, I shall adjourn for the rest of the day." Atlas stated and had his aide help him put the cloak on. He moved towards the door but paused before he left and turned to his aide, "If anyone comes to see me while I'm out... tell them that I'm occupied for the rest of the day with private matters."

Atlas' aide nodded their head in compliance and proceeded to hurry him out of the door. Atlas nearly chuckled by their hurried movements but simply walked out. He saw some Kemata moving towards his office and resisted the urge to stop and greet them. Atlas had to meet up with Ciel, after all.

Upon Atlas’ arrival to the festival grounds, he looked for Ciel. His sister had plenty of time to wander around, given that she’d come far earlier than he had. He only hoped she hadn’t wandered too far into the festival so that he had a higher chance of finding her. Atlas couldn’t spot Ciel in the immediate area, so he moved deeper into the festival grounds, intent on finding his sister as soon as possible.

Atlas only hoped Ciel enjoyed her time at the festival so far. And that she’d have even more fun now that he’d join her.


“Take it easy Ciel, the goldfish isn’t going anywhere,” Ciel muttered to herself. She clutched the paper scoop in her paw and nodded to herself – this time she’d get it for sure! Well, she’d been lucky already and had already gotten one goldfish… but she wanted to get one for Atlas too. She figured that she’d be able to at least bring a little bit of the festival back with her so they could both celebrate, even if only in that small way.

Ciel’s eyes narrowed as they tracked a single goldfish through the water. She poised the scoop high in the air and waited for the perfect moment to strike. Part of her realized what an odd sight she made, with her paw hovered in the air and a look of intense concentration on her face. But! She ignored all that – and the vendor’s quiet chuckle of amusement – and simply took her time. Perhaps her brother’s patience rubbed off on her, even if only slightly.

“Are you having fun, my Star?” Just as Ciel almost initiated her attack, a quiet voice startled her enough to make her drop her scoop. Ciel’s head whipped around to find the culprit, only one Kemata called her that! She scrambled to her feet when her eyes met with Atlas’ and she launched herself towards her brother.

“Attie!” Ciel exclaimed, her voice joyous and boisterous. She knew very well that she could not call her brother by his name here, so she easily settled into the nickname she’d given him while growing up. She nuzzled up against him as a way of greeting and then stepped back and cocked her head to the side. Although happy, she couldn’t hide her surprise – neither in her voice nor in her expression, “I thought you were too busy, brother. What made you come here?”

A grim expression flashed across Atlas’ face, so fast that Ciel almost missed it. Atlas’s expression cleared not even a moment later and he smiled easily at her – still that same gentle smile she remembered from their childhood. She practically bounced in place as she awaited his answer, which caused Atlas to chuckle softly under his breath, “My aide helped me escape.”

Ciel giggled at her brother’s words. Of course, they did. Atlas’ aide could be very pushy when they needed to be – and their kindness for the royal siblings knew no bounds. Oftentimes, Ciel would catch Atlas’ aide going into her brother’s office at all hours of the night, just to bring him a new pot of tea or a morsel to eat. They took wonderful care of her brother and often forced him to take breaks so he wouldn’t overwork himself. She grinned up at her brother, “In that case, I should get them something from the festival too! They’re probably fending off a whole lot of Kematas right now.”

Atlas hummed as his mind drifted unbidden to the events of that morning. His eyes darkened for just a moment before he, once more, pushed the ominous meeting from his mind. Surely it would do no one any good to think of such things. Especially not at such an occasion meant for revelry. So, instead, he looked to his baby sister and indicated to the forgotten paper scoop, “Were you not doing something, sister?”

Ciel froze for only a moment before she turned around to the goldfish scoop once more. The vendor of the stall chuckled good naturedly before they handed her a scoop – the scoop she’d left forgotten before. Ciel giggled, thoroughly embarrassed, before she turned back to the little fish swimming around. She refused to look at her brother and instead stared down a single goldfish, “I’ve already gotten one goldfish, Attie… I just wanted… to get you one too…” Her voice trailed off as she got further along in her sentence, which betrayed how nervous she felt in that moment. What if he didn’t even want one?

Atlas seemed to sense Ciel’s hesitation and plucked the scoop from her claws. He smiled at her and explained that he simply wished to win her a goldfish, just as she’d done for him. Ciel giggled quietly under breath and acquiesced to Atlas’ request. She scooted over to allow him access to the goldfish and watched with wonderment as he easily scooped a fish onto the paper circle and then into the bin with the fish she caught.

“That was amazing, Attie!” Ciel exclaimed and clapped her paws together in glee. The vendor bagged the two goldfish together in the background as Atlas turned to Ciel. His mouth turned upward into a gentle grin.

“I merely followed the fish, Ciel.” Atlas replied softly. His eyes watched the vendor as they handed the bag of fish to Ciel and then stood from his spot at the stall. He turned to Ciel and beckoned her to follow him. The festival ended soon, so he resolved to enjoy as much of it as he could with his sister, “Let us enjoy the festival, then, Ciel.”

Although immensely surprised by Atlas’ words, Ciel couldn't help but feel giddy as she walked alongside her brother. She had no clue why her brother agreed to join her, especially given his busy schedule, but she refused to look too far into it. After all, neither knew when their time together would be cut short.


“Brother! They’re selling wishing lanterns!” Ciel exclaimed suddenly. She bolted off to a vendor selling the lanterns and bought one. Atlas’ visage betrayed the amusement he felt at her actions, but he did nothing except watch her buy a lantern - yes a single lantern.

Ciel scurried back over to Atlas and presented the lantern she’d bought. She felt very giddy while she lit the lantern and then gave it to Atlas. The lantern floated lazily above his outstretched paw. Ciel gently gripped onto his paw with both of hers and she stared in wonder at the floating lantern with a beaming smile on her face. She didn't notice how Atlas’ gentle gaze landed on her nor how magical he seemed. At that moment, she only cared about making a wish with her brother. Although she kept her eyes on the lantern, she spoke to her brother, "Brother! Make a wish! You've already granted mine, so this one's for you!”

Atlas looked off to the side, away from Ciel and pondered what precisely to wish for. He knew of the urgent nature of the upcoming council meeting and a small part, the less logical part, of him worried that something had happened to someone he knew. He wouldn't know, however, until the meeting concluded. So, no need to wish for something that hadn't even occurred yet. Instead, his mind wandered to his parents. Would they be happy with how he raised Ciel? Hmm, perhaps they'd be disappointed because he had to take over their role so early in life, forced to grow up too quickly.

No, he'd like to think they'd be proud of him. He'd kept the kingdom intact, after all, which caused him no small number of unending headaches. And he'd raised Ciel to be a bright, noble, and kind dragon. So, perhaps, instead of wasting his wish on his parents, he could instead wish for his Sky's happiness. For what better way to make them proud than for Ciel to be happy? Her happy giggles broke him from his thoughts. Yes, he'd wish for her happiness... naught else mattered at the moment. His eyes swiveled back to her and held nothing but fondness, "Thank you, my Sky."

Ciel looked at Atlas once his voice hit her ears and saw only the love held within his gaze. She giggled and smiled up at her brother, "Thank you too, Attie!"

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