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Streets of Pride [KEM PROMPT]

Kematas are a closed species created and owned by AmPmRm and manticorgi
Both Kematas, Snow (front) and Dream (back) were designed and are owned by me!
Art and Writing made by me.


EXP Breakdown: (Dream and Snow)
+3 FB, +3 C&S, +3 DB, +5 PD, +3 PW, +2 100WC = 19 EXP

Dream: Dream, silvery male
Snow: Snow, rose companion


"Why did I allow you to drag me out to this again?" Dream muttered, tails dragging in discontent. Snow's laugh, crystal clear, turned Dream's head to face him. Out of irritation maybe? Dream couldn't tell.
"You, dear Dream, are the one who agreed to it!"
The silvery male scoffed. "I was half asleep."
"You still agreed~" His rose companion sang, trotting off ahead into the streets lit by rainbow pride. By now the parade had passed on - though that was intentional on their behalf - and in its march left streamers and flowers, flags and beads. Stands, some vacant, most populated with shopkeeps, speckled the area, hanging their own banners and wares for all passerby to see.
"You're usually so fast... Can you at least try to enjoy it?"
Dream looked up to his companion, whose lip stuck out in a pout. He sighed and straightened up. "Better?" His rose companion grinned and nodded, then brushed up against his side like when they were kids, leading him further into the celebration grounds.

They walked about for awhile, Snow dragging Dream to and fro, though he had little to complain about. The silvery male began to enjoy the celebration, mostly because of the laughter and smiles that radiated from Snow the entire time. He even found himself smiling whenever his rose looked away. The night was truly enjoyable.
Dream hadn't made a mistake accepting after all.
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