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I got my first actual jooooob!

  |  6 votes
  • I'm going to be interning with an division of the state Dept of Economic Development that deals with the aerospace industry.
  • And the office I'll be working in is small and also entirely female :'D

I'm looking an equine Secret Santa exchange!

  |  3 votes
  • Please comment if you know of anyone hosting one :) None of the groups I watch are doing one :c
  • (My apologies for the recent poll spam!)

Do you know of any character development resources?

  |  2 votes
  • I'm trying to help my DM find ways to get our less "engaged" players to flesh out their characters' personalities and goals.
  • Could be worksheets, questionnaires, prompts, excerises... anything to get people to think about what makes their character tick!
  • Note that most have never roleplayed or done creative writing, so simple is good!
  • Thank you for your help!

Drafty fun! [Advertisement]

  |  2 votes
  • Regal Stride Draft Showdown ->
  • Note me if you want to collab for bonus picture(s) or a short story :la: