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Winter Equi-Canine 2015 RESULTS

Show Journal: Equi-Canine > Note:  Equine Champion titles/awards listed at the bottom of the journal. :D Halter  FOAL   Tango Tingle owned by DreamDrifter91 ( Foal | 6 months | PadroHorse ( --- 1st Place (Foal) Horse: 8/10 | Tack: 3/5 | Handler: 0/5 | Background: 5/10 | Creativity: 4/10 | Storytelling: 3/5 + 0/5 | Pre-reg.: 0/2 || TOTAL: 23 YOUNG HORSE   Wild Wild West  owned by GemstonePony ( Young Horse | 1.5 yrs | Lapsequine --- 1st Place (Young) Judge's Choice: "I love all the details in this. The view out the windows is phenomenal!!" Horse: 10/10 | Tack: 5/5 | Handler: 5/5 | Background: 9/10 | Creativity: 5/10 | Storytelling: 5/5

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Free commission raffle (done)

Thanks for participating everyone, lets see who won :woohoo: And the lucky number is: Congrats KrazyKatherine ( :D Just a small note, I'll do this again with my original style when I'm done with my regular commissions ;) Raffle? Is that the correct word? Anyway, those of you that follow my polls know that I wanted to do something special for my 300k pageviews. And after... I think it was for 150k, when I was giving 3 months of premium, there were like 3 or 4 winners ( and I didn't have enough points ^^; ) I will do this with raffle instead (because there will be only one winner, a lot more people will have a chance to win, plus theres


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What if Your Character-

Answer these to better get to know your character. You can answer these in story format, or just say something like "he would do this _____."  Story format would be better practice though. Character Name: Gender: Age: Appearance: 1. Your character sees someone close to them be murdered. Do they chase after the murderer? Stay with the victim? Or maybe run for help? 1.5. A murderer is going to kill someone close to your character and your character knows they are next, what does your character do? Try to stop the killer? Cry? Feel hopeless? Run? 2. Your character is faced with a situation where they have to kill someone who is

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