Making Themes for Win7 just got easier
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If you have ever tried to make a Visual Style on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you will know its not an easy feat. Vista Style Builder changed all that, and now with its latest release things got even easier.

Below is the information as posted on the members forum. If you haven't yet purchased yourself a copy of the program, or you want to know more then head to &n…;

Version 1.5 of Vista Style Builder has just been released and focusses on full Windows 7 compatibility as well as new features. You can get this version thru the download link you received in your activation e-mail.

Changelog 1.5:

FIX: lastImageId is now set correctly by default, newly compiled themes will no longer crash when logging on
FIX: Fixed memory leak when opening a lot of themes
FIX: Searching is somewhat faster
FIX: STREAM/atlas generator works better for border cases resulting in smaller STREAMS for better system performance
FIX: One-time uxtheme patcher are now launched correctly
FIX: Windows 7 classes, parts and states are finalized (PandaX)
FIX: Vista to Windows 7 MsStyles converter has been fixed (PandaX)
FIX: Open-file dialogs not working should be fixed now (upgraded GUI library to new version)
FIX: editing RECT properties on Windows 7 should now work
FIX: "add property" and "remove property" buttons will no longer disappear
FIX: Missing icons on Windows 7

ADD: Integrated help/wiki system
ADD: tabs for multiple images
ADD: Option to Switch between Basic/Aero mode (shift+click = test in basic mode directly)
ADD: Search for colors in either r,g,b or #RRGGBB format
ADD: Search for colors in images
ADD: Window position is now retained when closing the application
ADD: Last opened file is opened by default
ADD: Image dimensions are displayed on the image preview
ADD: Shift+click on the edit button to change the image editor used
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oh yes, but this program is not for us, mortals )
it's so sad i can not let myself purchase it. i just trying to fix some themes via resource modifying :/
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AlbinoAsianHobbyist Artist
why can't you let yourself purchase it?
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well, it's all about the money :)
doesn't cost a lot, really, but i'm a student and my scolarship isn't so huge. but it is an offtopic, i guess )

i just wanted to say that unfortunately there is not so many GOOD themes for W7.
there was smth like a little crysis with winXP WB styles when i installed Windows 7, and now inTime and fediaFedia are making again a nice style :)

i believe more styles will appear soon. waiting forward to it ;)
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I'm loving it!
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NittiyhProfessional Interface Designer
"ADD: Search for colors in images" :O wow that's gonna be handy.
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RajTheeban95Hobbyist Interface Designer
great! :p
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AlbinoAsianHobbyist Artist
so is this [link] purple?
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