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base BETA2 for Win7



Updated to BETA 2
I've included extra files such as browseui.dll & explorer.exe (with blank start menu button)
Included 2 options for shellstyle.dll. one with "folderpane" (organize bar) showing the other with autohide.
Improved the start menu!
About 50 little extra things changed (thanks to ~elmercin for pointing a few out)
Included wallpaper mods (permission received from *ether and *chiwou)

There are still several things I haven't completed such as vertical taskbar. I had other font options and colors, but will have to do them now that I 've updated so many things.
Hold tight final versions coming soon =)

Please let me know of any other bugs and suggestions, and I'll do my best to do them.

This is a non-AERO theme.
Tested on Win7 RC Build 7100 x86
Somtimes you might have problems applying this theme, under performance options uncheck "enable desktop composition" but CHECK "use visual styles..."

This is BETA of a port I'm doing of the wonderful Vista Visual Style Base by ~jg-visuals
and I'm also in the progress of releasing the MyriadBASE Suite

Because its BETA there are a whole lot of things not perfect or skinned properly. Thats why I need you to try it out and tell me what's missing or not good enough

The zip contains only the visual style, the other files will be included in the Final Release

The Suite
To see the Myriad Base Suite in action check:

or MyriadBASE SUITE Collection

The MyriadBASE Suite is a follow up to my previous suite Myriad. It was inspired by the wonderful Visual Style Base by jg-visuals.

The credit and creative ideas for many of the graphics, colours, and other elements belong to jg-visuals.
Permissions to release this skin have been graciously granted from jg-visuals.

The wall used in the preview is a mod of *chiwou's great Request. Permission to use the image was obtained.
© 2009 - 2023 AlbinoAsian
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hey,I'm having this issue... it looks like the theme isn't completely applied or something like that D:

my resolution is x32 and I have home basic,so I had to download the personalization pannel from WinAero (actually you can see the tab there,hehe)

here,a screenshot >: [link]