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Clean screen ... sometimes

I decided to post a screenshot.
Normally I wouldn't post a bare screenshot (makes me feel vulnerable :P) but I figured I'd give it a go.

If you want to see a fully decked out screenshot see my last one

All the skins in the SUITE seen and downloaded from [link]

OS // Win 7
VS // Myriad Base for Win 7 (new version to uploaded soon)
Wall // Modded 1967 [link] by ~Biomachina
Dock Skin // I'm now using Object Dock so modded my old Myriad Base RocketDock skin.
Dock Icons // Myriad Base Dock Icons [link]
Icons // Myriad Base Icons [link] + extras by ~linearradiation

Big thanks to ~linearradiation for his great work on editing DLL's [link] be sure to check out his contributions to Myriad Base.
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LOVE it.

your style is unique.
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thanks so much!!!
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love your icons dude :+fav:
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That's odd mines sunken what have you done to make your taskbar icons and system tray flat? In other words what have i missed?

Should explain it better than I can: [link]
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it says the image is deleted, I'd like to see your screenshot you are on Win 7 right?
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Here you go: [link] Dont know why the imagebam link didn't work.
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ok thats because the VS is not showing properly at all. Its showing windows classic with the colours from the VS.

a few questions:
1) Are you running UXstyle program?
2) Have you restarted since installing and trying out the VS?
3) Have you gone to "adjust the appearance and performance"? (type it in win7 search box" and ticked use visual style on windows and buttons?
4) Have you got the latest version of the VS I released?
5) Have you tried going into Personalization and loading up Windows Basic style and then loading up my Base style after that?
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1) I patched it with a program. But I wasnt certain that it worked.
2) Yes
3) Yes, but when I changed some settings in there I was taken to the Windows 7 Basic VS.
4) Yes, I downloaded it today
5) Yes, and the results are what I've shown you in the screenshot

I had some issues finding a patch for the Windows 7 RTM x64 so I think I need to find a patch that definitely works. Thanks for your help.
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sorry its not working for you yet... there have been times whene I've had to a combination of the things I said in order to get a style to work. There are a few issues there with custom styles, especially with BASIC ones, but once it works it should keep working =)
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I could
the black theme? :iconiloveitmoreplz: please :ala:
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I got it working thanks for helping me with it. Now I just need to find some better pidgin status icons and a replacement explorer.exe and I am all sorted.
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well I have both... if I can around to uploading them =)

I actually need to do my explorer.exe again for some reason... a windows update removed my customization
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awesome shot!
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Awesome! and thanks for the creds :P I guess I should see into getting a screenshot of my own. do you have an ETA on your VS update? I tried to change the system font myself with VSB but it wouldn't work :(

(The dlls are in my scraps if you ant to link to them, I guess they'd be hard to find)
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hey mate,

I'm going through fixing up a few things on the VS right now actually, so I will get some other font options uploaded with it too. Its not hard for me to do the fonts, its just everytime I do the font varieties I find more things to fix!
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gotcha, are the bars on the usb hdd icon showing how much space is filled or is it just the icon that looks like that?
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haha that's a sweet idea, but no I use this icon with two lines for USB drives, one line for CD/DVD drives
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ok, no idea how you could change the icon depending on used space though, there is an app, vista hdd icons or something like that that changes the icon for internal hhd but not remoavble, iirc.
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a rainmeter config might be the way to go
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yeah that could work, but I can't do rainmeter :P I'll leave that to your expertise
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yeh it would be pretty easy for me to do, just place a meter on a small graphic... I'll give it a go soon =)
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