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Rocking with the Lords!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 1:06 PM
Hey everybody!

I decided to emerge from my dark cave once more, after a long long time! :D Many things going on lately -one of the few I can talk about is my work with the "most metal band on the face of the earth": **The Lords of the Trident**! I had the pleasure of creating the cover art for their latest EP "Plan Of Attack" which also happens to be rocking Kickstarter:…

If you visit the page, you will also get a taste of the cover art and their awesome music! \m/…


New blog :D

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 4:25 PM

Yes it's true... Now I am going to spam you through bloggery as well!  Albinized will be the place where I drop new stuff, post process steps and wips and possibly share some info about composition and technique picked up during my ongoing struggle to march through the swamps of mediocrity. So, keep a close eye because things are about to get hot! (ouch)

I will be leaving on vacation soon, but I am packing my tablet with me as well. Am I a pervert? maybe, but I am also teaming up with the amazing :iconalexpascenko: for the Team Challenge at Sea salt, sand and brushstrokes... sounds like a plan, right?

We will be updating this sketchbook thread with our progress:…

Stay tuned!…

Cool idea right? :)
I wouldn't bother, if he didn't try to make money out of it.

NIR Universe_003 by albino-Z

ps: Many thanks to my friend :icont1na: for bringing this to my attention!
Streaming some work on the next Character Challenge at Topic: King of Hell ! :D
Hey there dreamers :]

I recently had the pleasure of completing a collab with an extremely talented writer. Jason Tesar is the creator of the very successful  trilogy The Awakened. He commissioned me to depict one of the main characters of his new book. The whole process was uniquely creative and educating for me. Not only because Jason's visions draw you in and inspire you, but also because we engaged in a fruitful process of exchanging ideas and reference. It was a real pleasure working with him and I am quite sure that the new world he is working on will be awe-inspiring and magical. Get some more info on his marvelous work, as well as a peek on the finished artwork here:
I will be streaming some work on lanscapes in about 15 minutes for anyone interested! :]
I will be streaming in about half an hour, working on the latest EOW event at Anyone wanting to take a peek is welcome! :F…
I will be working for the current EOW contest during the following hours. You can take a peek if you like :)

Topic is: Earth's Womb
So, for anyone interested in wips, steps and stuff that haven't been posted on da yet, I have a sketchbook thread running, which I will be trying to update relatively often:…

I will also be on livestream for the following one or two hours so feel free to join!…

I will stream for an hour or so :…
I am testing my livestream channel for the first time so feel free to witness the crash test X___x  :
(oh and excuse me for the short notice)
my cat is an alien page 1 by albino-Z my cat is an alien page 2 by albino-Z my cat is an alien page3 by albino-Z

My alien is really really sick right now. He still purrs when I am near, still examining me with his purple-blue eyes.

I hope my alien gets well soon.
Hey all and a "thank you" to all my new watchers!

All of you that read my latest journal entry found out that I decided to take the plunge and start a facebook page. Well, I am now locked out! During log in I will get the known "For security reasons your account is temporarily locked" message, followed by a captcha(which I fill in successfully) but then I get asked for my cellphone number (!!!!!!).  I find this kind of tactic unacceptable, firstly because facebook has no job messing around with that kind of info, secondly because one is not obliged to have a cell-phone in order to have a social media account and lastly because having a cellphone does not mean that you are necessarily the owner of the specific account.

Anyway, if facebook does not unlock the specific account without a cellphone submission, I will not be able to post or reply or even delete the account. Just thought I should let you know since there probably gonna be a loooong period of inactivity unless they decide to wake up out of that Orwell 1984 dream.

Hey there fellas! My first lousy attempt of a facebook page is online, so feel free to visit! :]…
A DD on Phobos? Awesomeness. Not possible without a suggestion by :iconsweetychan: and a feature by :iconalicexz:
Phobos is grateful. But you know he is one of those guys that do not talk much, so he left the PR thingy to me! :devil:

Phobos by albino-Z
Life has taken over lately so excuse some inactivity. Many thanks to all that have commented on my work lately, I was not able to reply on many of the messages. They always put a smile on my face.

My awesome friend :iconsythgara: happens to be open for commissions these days. She also happens to be an amazing artist. Visit her gallery and drool in respect... :]
Almost back on track, have been putting off finishing stuff I started before August till my hand feels "warm" again. In the meantime I have been experimenting with cel-shading techniques a bit. I have some things in mind that I want to try out.

I also took the plunge and posted some of my stuff in the legendary forums, I am thinking of starting a sketchbook there too.…
New issue of MOODMag is out, featuring a N.I.R. themed cover and a mini interview inside. The MOOD team has done an amazing job, once more... :]
Check it out here :…

It was really fun working for the Rift contest! Much learned and many workflow issues identified. Looking forward to the next challenge :]