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haha this fella turned out extremely good looking, didn't he?

An ancient tengu with a fan - just for fun. :]
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very traditional, nice!
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That is one freaking sweet design.
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This is...awesome!
Everything is so well done! The wings, the claws, the beard!
Beautiful work!
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u managed to catch a nice menace in the pose, as well as the washed out light and scrunched up wrinkly face :D one of your best for creepiness
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woah man, fantastic, really love the style.
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just fantastic I dont usually like the bird tengus but you made this awesome the facial expresion has the right balance of evil and creepy !!
cool.. what use for make it?
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Oh it was just for fun, practicing brushes and stuff :] no real purpose...
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Fantastic curious apparition.... Could be a perfect game creature....:clap::sun:
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just for fun.. this thig will take me maybe a month to color like that :[
anyway. i love the lighting, the character is cool and creepy, very well done, and great atmosphere, spooky and mysterious
awsome :]
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awsome! its different, which you don't see much anymore (as in i don't see tons of designs of ancient tengus)
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very awesome! what did you use to get that texture? :)
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what texture? actually it was made only with a round photoshop brush, no textures. I feel like an infant when painting digitally, can't get it right. :[
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it's just that the brush strokes look so... I don't know. but i like them :) maybe you sharpened them?
beast! literally :)
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lol he is so ugly, I can't stand looking at it...
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Awesome piece of art! :dummy:
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