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NIR Universe_005

Daydreams keep their blades deep inside their hearts, pain being a constant reminder of their sacred mission.


Part of the series:


I owed this one for so long... I guess that concludes the second NIR series for now. I will be experimenting with different themes/ portfolio stuff soon as I am going full time freelance from now on. Take care and thanks for viewing! :]

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this gives me an idea.

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Very good! I like the bio-organic look, the wings especially.

Is it possible to download it in 1080p?
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Very interesting character design, it looks absolutely great :) Damn nice job
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Good job on the lights & materials !
sarcosanct's avatar
I've missed seeing your work. Was a pleasant surprise seeing this in What's Hot
Good day. Tell me please - what is N.I.R. universe? I search some reference, but did not find correct answer. Is there a book or game? Thank you very much.
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Hello, N.I.R. is a personal and ongoing project. You will not find any other reference :]
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Stunning detail and amazing effect of creating so much emotion/character.
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Not only are these images amazing but the idea behind them as well. You've really got something here
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I love the petalline nature of the being
albino-Z's avatar
glad you enjoy the effect :)
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This gives me an idea.
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Hrm, the heart is on the right side of its chest. Conclusion: not human, or backwards; let's go with not human.
Fantastic piece though. The blurred areas on the wings contrast very well with the piercing details that are also present.
The compositional geometry of where you draw the focus on this piece is very artfully done.
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Thank you for your detailed and constructive comment. Glad you enjoyed the piece!
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Just wow wow wow!!!
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I love this, really an amazing piece!
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really beautiful congratulation
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That is just gorgeous! *3* :heart:
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Wicked beautiful!
frostyshadows's avatar
this is amazing, I love how the heart's glowing c:
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