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Hello everyone, I`am so excited to see all of new followers and feedback to my undertale artworks! It is great to see new people!
I`m still interest in drawing some Undertale fanars, so, I decide to open some more requests about it ;)

3 places for different undertale stuff:
I have some available UNDERTALE REQUESTs, so, if you`re interest, you can ask me here in comments ;) (Wink) 

because nobody need it

Commissions 2014 are open

Commission info:
  • You will get a high quality file with the artwork.
  • I reserve the rights to the artwork, and the right to show it here on my DA and portfolio.
  • If you are interested send me a DA note or an email to with a description of what you want. The more the info the better, descriptions, references, colors, special details, etc. 
  • After accepting the commission, I’ll show you a sketch. After approval of the final sketch should be sent payment. After the approval of the final version of the work I will send high quality file on your email address.  
  • I accept Paypal and YandexMoney.
  • I'll draw: OC, portraits, spirits and anthropomorphic creatures, animals, dragons, illustrations of fairy tales and original stories, book covers and other things that seem interesting to me.

  • Traditional:  watercolor, ink, colored pencils, mix.
  • Digital and Digital/Mixed:  ink on paper (lineart) and digital coloring; any type of traditional materials followed by detailed elaboration in the 2D program.
  • All examples of use media and style of execution can be found in my special folder:…

SIMPLE Portraits/OC
* two color portrait (traditional art) - $17
* digital coloring - $20 (…)

*portrait - $25
*waist up - $35
*full body - $45
*simple background - $10
*medium background - $20
*every additional character - $12

Animals and Creatures
*single portrait - $35
*single fullbody - $42

*every additional character - $12
*medium background - $20


* Illustration for books and CD covers depending on the level of complexity and 2 or less figures - $50-75
*every additional character - $12
* Illustration for book covers (without font) - $80
a-la art-noveau  (one fullbody character) - $55

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Best wishes,
Art-trades are open. If anyone remembers me ^^;
Only three places. Only traditional art from my side. because my g-pen is broken :(

If you want one - leave a comment here. I`ll check you`re gallery.

Art-trade MARATHON  :icondungeon-spirit: - :iconalbinadiamond: 
AT - Pretty When She's Not Working by Dungeon-Spirit -   Art Noveau Manett by AlbinaDiamond
AT - Frank and Lenore by Dungeon-Spirit - AT-couple - Kain and Myranda by AlbinaDiamond
AT - He asked to send you his kiss by Dungeon-Spirit  - Manett and Maximilian - digitalled by AlbinaDiamond
AT - Monologue by Dungeon-Spirit  -  AT-couple - Kain and Myranda II by AlbinaDiamond
AT - Arn and Konradain by Dungeon-Spirit  -  AT - Michael and Lisalin by AlbinaDiamond

:iconstitchpunk0:  - :iconalbinadiamond:
:thumb366874011: - Art-trades 01 by AlbinaDiamond

 :iconvonmorjo:  - :iconalbinadiamond: 
Art trade-Kirin by VonMorjo - AT-Avriil by AlbinaDiamond

Thank you all for Birthday congratulations!
I love you`re all :hug:
Friends, I`ve found some forces to start working now. My heart still hurts a bit, but it does`not prevents me. Sory, that many of you don`t have a B-day art-present from me, I`ll try to fix it.
I remember, that I`ve promised to draw something for someone. That`s why I ask: can you remind me, if I must draw something to you: requests, art-trades, etc?
But now I don`t take art-trades and requests, sorry ^^;
So... I did not write here... I did not write something in english a long time, sorry.
Thirst - today I`ve finished Institute with the "Red diplome"... "honours degree", I dont know, how it can be translated in english right :) Now I`m an art-teacher, ant this autumn I`ll start to worrk at school...

Second, I`ve touched a Stanley Cup…
Stanley Cup!!
It was great - this trophy was in little town Voskresensk in Moskow region. who would have thought...
Photo -…

And, in the end, some sad information - my heart is sick :( Not very serious, but it does not healing. It can be only stopped in development.


Journal Entry: Tue Aug 23, 2011, 12:14 PM
Hmm... I promised some art-trades?

Hmm... I promised some art-trades?
Listen, guys, I`m feeling very bad morale now, but I want to get rid of this. I`m opening some art-trades now, and I want to took only users, whose style will be lovely to me. (I`m a b*tch, yeah, I know)
But please, understand, I want to feel feedback, I want to see, that some my arts are can be not only "picture", it can be something good for me. Damn, I wish, I could be need to anyone. Someone, I don`t know... I`m really miserable now

Some rules: no rules! Its joke, only two rules
- No animemanga styles from my side, no horror and sexual themes.
- I will choose only some of you, please, do not be offended


1. Lily-pily
2. Stitchpunk0
3. SecretSonya
4. AnxiousMonster

*sorry, I haven`t got much power :(

I waiting you`re old parts:

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Devil, what`s wrong? I can`t draw anything...(All my tryings to draw something are look bad. All my university works are look bad. Maybe doctors are cut a part of my brain on operation? xD
Stitches are obtained "broken", humans mad and non-realistic, coloring old unfinished files looks like  formless color explosion =
But I have some success in Artisan crafts sphere :)

Hopefully this "art coma" will not last long.
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I'm back :)
I was released from hospital and now I `m feeling better.
Cancer they don`t found. Moreover, they don`t found a tumor as such. What was taken for the tumor was an unusual cyst. Cyst, that accumulates water and give me pain at last times. Strange, that doctors in my city can`t  diagnose this for a month.
On friday, 22th I had surgery and within 40 minutes it was completely removed. Rehabilitation period in the hospital was without surprises.

I want to write a bit about my doctor, who led me through a thorny path from obscurity to recovery. I have not ever met is so nice and attentive doctor! It seemed to me that he actually sympathized with my problem, he would look into it.  He often asked me about my well-being, even when he especially once was. He as soon as possible closer in the operation and thoroughly prepared for it. He was able to reassure me on the first day that he forces to save me from the then unknown scourge.  He helped me overcome the gloomy thoughts and melancholy... Do I never see him again?...
Lord, bless him. Bless, Bless, Bless!

Now I'm home. Sometimes overcome recurrent pain and weakness, but overall I'm okay. One thing upsets me - I can`t draw. My hands are shaking, I can not sit long at the computer. Sorry, maybe I should remove my gallery from deviantart... I`m afraid, that no one interest in my drawings (because many of them are devoted to my lovely Lenore. Sometimes I think that my watchers are hate her O_o).  watch, how artists are making art-trades and giving art-gifts to each other, and it make me sad a bit - because I`ll be always alone artist(  Many parts of my art-trades are remained unanswered, and... oh, i must  be silent...

Thanks to everybody for support and comments,  I love you`re all :heart:
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Health news UPD III

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 3:13 AM

17 april  2010

:ambulance: UPDATE III He-h, Tomorrow, I admitted to the regional oncological hospital. This is the decision panel of doctors. They could not understand, what happened to me, so they decided to observe more thoroughly. They operate me next week... Lately I feel a great weakness and it was hard to me to get up from my bed...
I`m afraid, I don`t know, what to think... Maybe I should order a coffin and place in a cemetery?...

I hope you are all well that collapses in the U.S. and Japan you are not affected and you have them safely behind.
I wish you every success, blessing muse and good health. God bless you, thank you everyone for watching, commenting, a bit art-gifts and support...
Sorry if I don`t answered on some comments and sorry for everything...

UPDATE 11 april  2010 Damn, doctors in central hospital are questioned the blood test results :( They`re not sure, that I`m "clean", because they can`t find rational reason of tumor appearance. Operation can be done only in late May or June (in turn). That`s why again and again need blood tests and other medicine "things", oh my( Where is the end of this - I don`t know, but now I`ll try to find forces and begun draw and study again.
Maybe my arts became more... hm, "lazier"...
Sorry for such news, sorry for mistakes and others,maybe  I should stop describing situation? That would not bother you...
UPDATE 9 april  2010 I have a good news.  Yesterday I received the results of blood tests for cancer cells. The result is negative, there is no the cancer cells in my blood. The a benign is tumor, but but where is the reason of it appearing...
I feel myself  good, unless you consider the weakness and dizziness. Next time I`ll vent to the hospital (again :cry: ) in other city, where doctors are cut out a tumor. Scary  O_o
1 april  2010
Today I was released from the hospital a short time to relax a bit. On Thursday docs are made a first operation.
All last week doctors where collected my analyzes and what they think: I`m almost healthy. But!
On Friday they`re found a big tumor (near 8cm) and nobody knows, is this thing are benign or not. They think, it can be a cancer. On monday 4th april I have another blood test, that must show some facts about it. I`m afraid, sad and feeling broken, but hope must be near.

This is not a joke.
Sorry for my broken english, it`s hard to me describe all my feelings and facts now

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Hospital theme

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 25, 2011, 5:19 AM

Friends! I have bad news. I already wrote about that my health is bad.
In the near future, namely, on Monday March 28th I was admitted to the central hospital of our city  in sergery. How long time - I don`t know.

I wish you all a pleasant spring, lots of love and inspiration! Good luck everyoune :heart:

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To heal us... 'red cross'

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2011, 8:13 AM

Due to the fact that my health is undermined by a sudden and sharp, I must to report that all requests art-trades, commissions (etc) are closed and frozen now.
(But the commission, that I should, I`ll complete).
I have a good mood, I'm ready to "fight" for health.

In the near future I hope I`ll:
:bulletorange: to recover :ambulance:
:bulletorange: to practice watercolor and traditional art
:bulletorange: find power to continue the comic "Faith in the Future" (if someone he's still interested)
:bulletorange: just to gather forces for a series of portraits in fantasy-style.

Things I must do :meditation:
:bulletorange: - :points: - 11 by girlwiththeblueblood (refs:

It doesn`t mean, that I will stop drawing and showing my works here. It means, that they will be either fewer, or they change the subject (maybe more arts with my OC`s or little gifts... :juggle: ).
Thank you for your understanding. Best wishes :blowkiss:

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Plans for the near future

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 23, 2011, 7:15 AM
Plans for the near future

Now I have a strong employment at the institute, because of this I can`t give enough time for Digital art. And I'm still in depression and illness, so that the force on something I had not left. That`s why  I temporarily stop taking points commissions and other "events", like art-trades and requests. All previous projects are frozen. Sorry :(
But I want to continue to work on a series of  fantasy portraits of my friends and acquaintances...

Last week I had to work a teacher of art in primary school. It was interesting, I liked it, and children, I hope, too.

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What a beautiful sunny winter day ...

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 15, 2011, 1:43 AM
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What a beautiful sunny winter day ...
Snow shimmers and sparkles, the sun blinded the eyes, wind freezes your cheeks.

What a wonderful day to die. :depression: by PunkyB


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Featured artworks

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 7, 2011, 8:57 AM
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Featured artworks

Well, while I can`t draw something special and new, I decide to show some amazing arts by other artists. Deviantart - is a big space with big and little bright talented stars...

:heart:Some recent favorites:heart:

Anarion's dream by AonikaArt    Queen of the Blue by AonikaArt    Porsche 356 SC by h0er
rebirth by oro-p    Last Guardian by neondragon    Pocket dragon by Katerinich
Zephirine by senyphine    Rain by haryarti    valentine's day by berkozturk
Alexine and Scayn by Vyrhelle-comm    Ethereal Dragon by Isvoc    At the dark elves court by Vyrhelle-comm

9: Lights Out by PritzPritz it's frickin' cold by Acrosanti 9: Deck the Halls by Jenny-Jen
3D - Five by sinDRAWS 9sapiens - Dawn by Kirsche-Hawthorn 9: A Throne Fit For A King by Jenny-Jen
The Source by Willowwolf23 merrick by twenti3

Favorite Artists:

Unfinished art-trades - waiting you parts:

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 5, 2011, 1:19 PM
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Today one of my dearest friends have a Birthday!


:iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SecretSonya :iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz:

This day I wish you much pleasure and a lot of congratulations. And I hope all of your wishes come true. And I belief the birthday will be the perfect one!

I wish to you health and wealth (now it`s so necessary, I see...) and many-many good things :party:

September dreams by AlbinaDiamond

Дальше по-нашему, т.к. слов не хватает... Желаю тебе и дальше развивать своё искусство, накапливать мастерство; побольше потрясающих артов и поддерживающих тебя людей! Гони прочь грустные мысли, впереди все равно кто-то зажег свет ;)


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EMERGENCY! Everything ok now

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 5, 2011, 12:23 AM
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EMERGENCY! Everything ok now

Well, good news came - :icondezzoi: and :iconprofessorpemzini: are going to be okay! God bless...

stolen from Shrineheart journal

Crisis has been averted. Thank you for advertising and for all your help! Please refrain from further donations and commissions. Everything has been taken care of!

I hope they all will be fine... :dance:

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Premium membership - 1 week left...(

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 15, 2011, 4:17 AM
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"I take points comission :points:"

Only one week Premium Membership... Well, it was very interesting to use all functions of premium...  thanks to :iconthe9club: for this chance.
And thanks again to everyone, who voted for my work!
Well, I have to remember that this "free user" and come "down to earth".

But I have some good news:
:icontardboogieplz: :icontardboogieplz: :icontardboogieplz:

I`ve passed all exams in institute and now have more free time for drawing.

Only need to heal depression and migraine...

To-do list

:bulletorange: "Faith in Future" - pg 7 - sketched
:bulletorange: "A Stitch In Valentine" - A Stitch In Valentine

Unfinished art-trades - waiting you parts:

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Faith in the Future - new project

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 2, 2011, 11:18 AM
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"Faith in Future"

Friends, I`ll do like to tell you about my new project - "Faith in Future", based on russian fan-fiction story by me :meow:. In Russian fandom this story is known for over the year. Translate it into English completely impossible, since it`s rather big. I was easier to draw.

The action takes place after the events of the film "9". There are four stitchpunks stay alone on deserted planet...
First 3 pages you can see here, I want to know, are you interest in continuation? Tell me please...
And sorry for mistakes, english is not my native language =(

:points: Reminder: I take point comissions... :points:

To-do list

:bulletblack:1. :iconsecretsonya: - :hug:
:bulletblack:2. :iconrushfan03: - :forgiveme:
:bulletorange:3. :iconedwarts47: -

:bulletorange: "Faith in Future" - pg 7 - sketched
:bulletwhite: maybe take part in contest:…

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Happy New Year!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 2:31 AM
Merry Christmas everybody!

Today - the last day of the year. Interesting, what do you think about you life in 2010? I hope, this year was successful for all of you.:blowkiss:
I hasten to congratulate SecretSonya with purchase of a graphic tablet, I hope, the next year your artistic works will be even better, than earlier. :clap: :hug:
I, very much inopportunely, get sick - migraine ;( So I am sorry about those to whom I was going to draw a gift and art-trade - now I cant work well:tears:

Some Christmas gifts:
9OC every dream must be fulfil by AlbinaDiamond    9OC - 10x6 for emopunk68 by AlbinaDiamond   
9OC- 21 - Christmas mood by AlbinaDiamond   9OC - First Snow by AlbinaDiamond
AT - Star and snow by AlbinaDiamond

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