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Dianakko week (Day 6) by albimola Dianakko week (Day 6) by albimola

Sixth contribution for @dianakko-week

Dianakko Week 2017 (Day 6) – Crossover / AU

Little Musician Academia (LMA!au)

Atsuko Kagari, Akko for friends, just come to Luna Nova Academy, a place where future promises and musical geniuses will study to improve their talents.

Akko came to this academy to follow the footsteps of her favourite idol, Shiny Chariot, a pop-rock star, which attended her concerts since childhood.

She does not have great musical talent, but with hard work she manages to create good melodies.

There she becomes friends with some people; among them Lotte Yanson, who is part of the academy choir and Sucy Manbavaran, who is a genius with piano and organ.

But everything changes the day she met Diana Cavendish, the best student of all Luna nova. Being the number one in classes, a good singer and an expert with the violin, it is expected that she and Akko did not get along because of their different musical preferences.

However, when Akko walked through the halls of the academy, she could hear music coming from a classroom. She decided to put her head out the door and to her surprise, she found Diana singing one of the songs of Shiny Chariot.

Akko fell in love with the sound of her voice and although Diana was ashamed of being discovered, she confesses to Akko that she also followed the music of Shiny Chariot.

Since then the two usually play together after classes, and what began as a friendship ended up becoming love
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September 22, 2017
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