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Just wondered if this group is no longer or it's just for now it's not much active?
-was trying to submit a piece but nothing happen- also haven't seen much news things from here,just wonder what happen o.o
I'm not one to toot my own horn, but in honesty I'd love love LOVE to be able to do a couple of pics involving creatures above anything else. (they are a secret obsession of mine) XD So I'm gonna throw this link to my commissions in hopes someone will make my wishes come true, cuz right now I don't know a lot of Creatures fans:…

I looked up asthma, and this is what I found?!


Oh my! I loved all the Creatures Games since I am a little girl! Can I join??
Sorry for the belated reply. You are more than welcome to join the group. ^_^

Wanted to throw my free sketch requests out there. I'm in a mood to draw Creatures especially. XD