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Ignore the world

I really like this pic. Took me only a few hours (like all of my stuff).

It's an Australian(ish) place, so no snow this christmas (summer). In fact, the only reason he's wearing a jumper is because it's been rather cold this summer most of the time (in South Australia at least).

Please full-view, otherwise it looks all jpg-like)
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*smiles* VEERY similar to what I try to do...ignoring the world, I mean. If I could draw that awesome, I'd be a very happy teenager.

*Favs.* does kinda remind me of Neku from TWEWY...just minus the headphones. >_>
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I'm surprised I haven't faved this one yet. I think it's one of your better works.
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i disagree that christmas was bloody hot, i spent it in 45+ degree heat

great drawing
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It was on the hill where I live.
Besides, I submitted it before christmas. I should have expected it to get hotter.

Good to see you're still here.
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Thanks mate im still around hows uni going?

yeah i didnt think places around there looked like that, thats ool

it wont get hotter till late march i reckon
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lol tre' cute! It's an adorable piece that has nic e coloring and cel-shading!
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LOOVE the bold colours, great stuff!
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