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monolith coil

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One of the first distilled photos from the raydiant engine. Also old raydiosity engine was originally developed with this image in mind. More info at . Thanks for the great support!
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I'm glad you like it, I was told some weeks ago Raydiant engine renders didn't look real, so I'm happy there's opinion on the contrary :-) .
I've seen you spinning boxes fixed, it seems an evolution to 3D from the beautifull fractals of your gallery. may I ask about how you made it?, also take a look a this [[link]] (there's a video at the bottom), we have so similar aesthetic tastes!
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look like matrix! I have seen something similar this in Breakpoint (too bad that those guys who made it didn't win). Do you ever think you can become a scener?

Because this program is a small and just for fun so I didn't use the standard languages like C++ and stuff. It's the open source graphic programming language here, works as a sketchbook or concept stuff for programmers, designers or students. If you have some basic with programming (which all of us have it already) this type of code is a piece of cake. I just noticed it few weeks ago, downloaded the IDE and played around. Processing is more closer to Python and Java, than other.

different languages but the way that coding work must be the same to your. Box randomness, color adjusting, shading, cameras (except that I do mouse interact).
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thanks, it's a subsampled image of the same draw zoomed in and superimposed. The aliasing effect of lines in movement is what takes care of the glittering effects. At the moment my hands are full with raydiant but I certainly like the idea.

that language is cool, that way a new idea can be speedely tested.

yes, is even more similar because raydiant engine is interactive in real time with all scenes in preview mode, and so tha camera is dynamically adjusted. It is possible to go real time even with full non precalc radiosity, at low resolution and quality thou.
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All your pictures are mind boggling!
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you have very good taste ;-)
I agree so much that this is the first image of my old Raydiosity engine that I've remade with my new Raydiant engine in ultra high resolution for printing purposes.
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