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I complain about not having time to draw, but sometimes stuff like this happens and you make the time to draw. Two unexpectedly bizarre theropods published in the same journal in a single week, what are the odds?

The herbivorous basal tetanuran Chilesaurus had a good spot of fame when it came out, but in an unfortunate turn of events, was inexorably overshadowed on Wednesday by the membrane-winged (!?!??!) Yi. (Compare the number of deviations featuring each of them.) Even as a maniraptor person, I consider it a shame that Chilesaurus did not get enough time to shine, for it is a surprising animal in its own right.
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I knew it ! I am not the only one who still remembers the good Chilesaurus ! :)

By the way; ı think therecis a hole digging underground dweller ornithomimid... But ı already forgot its name :/
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Are you thinking of Sereno's noasaurid that allegedly has fossorial adaptations? It hasn't been described yet.
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I don't remember much; it was either a species of Hypsilophodont or a Species from Heterodontosauridae
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Maybe Oryctodromeus (an ornithopod, not an ornithomimid)?
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YOU ARE A GENİUS !  La la la la


I thought they're a somesort of Hyspilodont species but ı was wrong; sorry about that  Sweating a little... After forgot this species name I seriously bugged out the details about it ! 
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Glad to help. It is a "hypsilophodont" (non-iguanodontian ornithopod)!
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Thanks again ! :D
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The only reason Chilesaurus was popular was that it was an herbivorous theropod.  Well, I'm sorry to say, but Therizinosauridae beat it to the punch (or slash, in their case.  Have you seen those claws?!)
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The primary significance of Chilesaurus is not only that it is a herbivorous theropod, but that it is a herbivorous theropod outside of Maniraptoriformes (and Limusaurus). Anyhow, if we are assigning importance by order of scientific discovery, Anser probably beat all the others to the punch.
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So, did they find something new about the geese?
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What I meant was that geese would have been among the first herbivorous theropods known to science, and thus would be most significant findings if we are using that as a standard of measure.
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Don't worry chilesaurus, when I drew Yi as Batman, you were Robin, the Theropod Wonder! all will remember your catchphrase : "Jumping jeholopterus Yi Man!"
I'm still for Yi.
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Funny, I thought the same thing! Poor Chilesaurus.
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This is so true xD I feel no shame admitting I'm on team Yi though!
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This was just an unfortunate turn of events for Chilesaurus.
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Figured I couldn't have been the first to depict this! Good to see more sympathy for Chilesaurus in any case.
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Yee! :D

Thanks to Yi and Llallawavis, my Chilesaurus drawing has to wait. :XD:
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Hah! I *just* finished drawing a Yi qi myself, saw this and thought "oh yeah, there was that other one..."
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