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What Could Have Been

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The Tyrannosaur Chronicles was among my greatest inspirations when I initially joined the online community, and still is to a large degree.  Masterminded by Craig Dylke, it told the story of Traumador, a small Tyrannosaurus, and his attempts to fit into modern civilization. Though frequently whimsical, it was clear that a lot of creative effort had been put into the project. Sadly, as the plot began to grow larger and larger in scope, Craig could no longer find the time to work on the blog and had to put it on hold.

As it is unlikely that The Tyrannosaur Chronicles will be revived in the foreseeable future (though the character of Traumador may one day return), Craig was recently kind enough to share with me much of his intended plans for the narrative. He revealed that Traumador would have reunited with his childhood friend, Zendin the Troodon, after rescuing him from the villainous Pack of the Primordial Feather. In order to care for the shell-shocked Zendin, Traumador would have brought him back to his home in New Zealand, where he would have been joined by Dip the Serendipaceratops and Boom and Rang the Leaellynasaura, forming his main circle of dinosaur friends. They would have also eventually picked up a Dilophosaurus (who I have left uncolored here, as the blog never progressed to the point of her debut and thus she never received an official design) during a time traveling adventure to the Early Jurassic.
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Don't fret my boy. If Homestar Runner can arise from the dead, so can this.