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Pop Cult Raptors and Duckbill

No, I don't have an excuse for not uploading for two months. I really haven't been doing anything this summer. So I quickly pieced together this thing in time for the Pop Culture gallery at ArtEvolved.

Everyone knows that raptors are the best saurian predators in the world. In a world where everything else is dumb, slow, and cold blooded, they can rule supreme. With their slashing toe claws and strategic pack hunting, there is no herbivore these scaly demons can't take down, regardless of size. Their favorite prey are clearly the duckbills, since duckbills are entirely defenseless. When attacked, they do little more than groan in agony, allowing the super intelligent, speedy raptors to devour them alive. Sometimes, a duckbill may make an effort to make the game a little bit more challenging by attempting to run away, but it's so slow that the raptors, which can effortlessly run as quickly as cheetahs, swiftly catch up with it. It appears clear to me that duckbills evolved for the purpose of nourishing raptors, because it's only during the breeding season that duckbills are suddenly overcome with a sense of self preservation and, as quickly as their cold-blooded bodies allow, swarm en masse into the swamps where the water protects them and they can paddle around with their webbed feet. After all, if any meat-eating dinosaur wandered into knee-deep water, they'd clearly drown. After mating, the duckbills lay their eggs near the swamp, providing more food for the raptors. Unfortunately, everything about the duckbills screams senility, as it's quite evident that they couldn't evolve fast enough to keep up with the raptors' vastly growing intelligence. As their prey grew less and less challenging, the raptors were all abruptly bored to death some million billion years ago, which is why we never see any today. That is fortunate for us, as everyone knows that if the raptors didn't become extinct they'd develop into human-like forms and continue their reign as the dominant species on earth.
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Would you do a period piece on what e.g. an ornithomimosaur would look like as a scaly, tail-dragging ectotherm? I've been reading various old books & papers of a similar caliber, and I think it would be interesting to revisit the concept now that our knowledge has changed.
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A good idea, but not one I'm particularly motivated to follow up on. I'm under the impression that others have done similar pieces and, even if there weren't any, there are probably other people who have the knowledge to pull it off better.
Nice work, I too hate the stupid idea of 5 tiny dromeosaurids successfully killing 14 meter hadrosaurids.

Now what's your opinion on Allosaurus killing the sauropods?
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Thanks. I have a more realistic rendition of this here. I'm guessing Allosaurus could kill juvenile sauropods, but a single individual would probably have trouble with an adult.
I saw the other picture, I think a Shantungosaurus would even give Tarbrosaurus a very hard time lol.

I also believe like you said, a pack of 5 Allosaurus fragilis would kill a single juvenile Camarasaurus with difficulty but successfully, nothing bigger though. If Allosaurus is the lion of the Jurassic then Apatosaurus is the elephant, you never hear of lions killing elephants. I think Allosaurus would rather hunt Camptosaurus or steal another carcass from the poor Ceratosaurus.
5 Allosauri might be able kill an adult C. lentus (C. supremus is too big), but it will not be easy at all. Anything larger than that would be unrealistic. 

Camptosaurus wasn't that common in the Morrison, so while I can believe that it's easier prey, it's probably not something available on a regular basis. (hell we have more evidence of Allosaurus VS. Stegosaurus than allosaur predation of Camptosaurus!)
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Some lion populations have been known to kill elephants, but yep, more likely than not theropods would've preferred to hunt juvenile sauropods.
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"It appears clear to me that duckbills evolved for the purpose of nourishing raptors"
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How do you think a Creationist would see a T. rex?
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I thought they would use JP as a source and view T.rex as an unstoppable god like force.
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That's what people who only like pop culture monsters and not real dinosaurs do.
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All logic indicates that all mammals lacked fur, they all have scales or slimy skin instead, and all mammals are cold-blooded monsters. Also, hyenas regularly hunted in packs to bring down adult elephants, which are defenseless against every single predator in it's environment (which is a typical trait in all herbivorous mammals). Not to mention all carnivorous mammals have permanently exposed teeth, and while hunting prey, they regularly roar just to show off to the universe their badassery even though it would greatly reduce their chances of getting a meal, and they would stop at nothing to catch their prey even though if there is a fresh corpse on the spot or a natural disaster is occuring and it's life is in great danger.
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Ah, the ol' days, when we were so naive to how dinos lived. Raptors were bald then too. XD
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