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Paleogene Fight Club

I think almost everyone agrees that the last "documentary" I parodied committed a most atrocious act with that quote-mining incident. However, I know the "documentary" I'm parodying this time has a fair share of fans, so I'm probably going to get lynched for this or something. But before anyone submits a whole ton of hate comments below, allow me to speak. For one paragraph. Just one. I hope.

I know, someone or another is going to jump in and tell me that this show was only for "entertainment". And that's true. But my main beef with this show isn't that it's for entertainment, it's that it's a show for entertainment that called itself a "documentary". I don't have a problem with combining entertainment and science, either. Science is entertaining, after all, if you present it right. But an ideal scientific documentary should take into account what science they want to present, then decide how to do that in a more or less entertaining manner. From what I've seen of this show, it looked as though it went for entertainment first, and then tacked on the science bits (such as interviews with professionals) to make it look like a "documentary". And from what I've read, I have a bad feeling that I'm kind of right. Someone's probably going to tell me how wrong I am, how it's "impossible" to combine dinosaur science and entertainment. But it's already been done. It's called Dinosaur Train.
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I think the worst episode is the K-Pg extinction one-that's not even a fight! Mind you, it's the only episode that makes any sense, but has nothing to do with anything.

But yeah, I actually yelled out "Oh come on!" when the plucked Acheroraptors -I'm sorry, "Dromeosaurus" mobbed and killed that Edmontosaurus.
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Is it just me, or are some children's books about modern animals just as bad? I've seen ones where blue-ringed octopi kill great whites & Portuguese man o' wars kill orcas.
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Been a while since I've read any, but that sounds wild!
We seriously need a parody like this for the BBC Paleo-documentaries. They are so realistic, which makes it just so hard to see the horrific amount of inaccuracies. When a show oversizes an animal as being 150 times its actual size we have a problem.
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I enjoy the show but agree. It's enjoyable, just not for any scientific reasons. I came to watch dinosaurs murder each other.  :lol:
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This is hilarious.
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You're welcome! It is good that you bring up good points about those "documentaries".
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Which do you consider better: JFC or Animal Face-Off (which, by the way, has a Tv Tropes page)?
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Never seen an Animal Face-Off episode in its entirety.
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Trust me, they're worse. Way too much focus on building and testing clumsy robots, and then there's the silly-looking CGI fight at the end. I loved the concept, of course, but I remember being VERY dissapointed
I have & I wouldn't recommend it. As Switek pointed out in his JFC review ( [link] ), it's even worse than JFC.

BTW, something interesting about AFO: While most of the experts just came off as bad actors (in reference to the "trash-talk"), Salmoni came off as a legitimate douchebag; I later found out he really is a douchebag ( [link] ).
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I think might have some.
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One issue I have with JFC doesn't have to do with the show itself so much as part of its fanbase. Specifically, I am referring to the Nanotyrannus fanboys. I've seen Youtube comments where people just mindlessly quote the show to try and prove Nanotyrannus is valid. Of course you could probably blame the show for its rather one-sided coverage of the debate, but the stupidity I see from some of these fans is just astounding.
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I do like Jurassic Fight Club, but i have to agree, the "dinosaurs fight with every other animal they see that moves" type thing they do is kind of annoying.
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I mentioned this on JFC's Tv Tropes page.
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Heh, awesome.

It's kinda weird that they decided to name a dinosaur after him (Blasisaurus; correct me if I'm wrong).
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Blasisaurus is named after the site where it was found (Blasi 1).
I almost forgot: Does "some old books written in the 1700s" refer to anything in particular?
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Not to any particular books; it's more a parody of the fact that many of the dinosaur designs in Jurassic Fight Club looked like they were from the 1980s.
The 2nd panel is my favorite part for capturing Blasing's logic so perfectly. I also like how you drew the Secretary Birds. I just have a couple questions.

Who is the Chirostenotes playing?

What is playing Blasing?
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Thanks. The Chirostenotes isn't intended to be anyone in particular; I just needed someone to help set up the joke. The other dino is based off Troodon (not for any particular reason; I arbitrarily selected two maniraptors that wouldn't be easily confused with one another).
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