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Paleogene Fight Club



I think almost everyone agrees that the last "documentary" I parodied committed a most atrocious act with that quote-mining incident. However, I know the "documentary" I'm parodying this time has a fair share of fans, so I'm probably going to get lynched for this or something. But before anyone submits a whole ton of hate comments below, allow me to speak. For one paragraph. Just one. I hope.

I know, someone or another is going to jump in and tell me that this show was only for "entertainment". And that's true. But my main beef with this show isn't that it's for entertainment, it's that it's a show for entertainment that called itself a "documentary". I don't have a problem with combining entertainment and science, either. Science is entertaining, after all, if you present it right. But an ideal scientific documentary should take into account what science they want to present, then decide how to do that in a more or less entertaining manner. From what I've seen of this show, it looked as though it went for entertainment first, and then tacked on the science bits (such as interviews with professionals) to make it look like a "documentary". And from what I've read, I have a bad feeling that I'm kind of right. Someone's probably going to tell me how wrong I am, how it's "impossible" to combine dinosaur science and entertainment. But it's already been done. It's called Dinosaur Train.
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This comic and the show are both really nostalgic. It's a hilarious takedown of one of my guilty pleasures. .

You know what Jurassic Fight Club is? That Calvin and Hobbes comic where a herd of Chasmosaurs are attacked by Tyrannosaurus in F-14s

"This is so cool" "This is so stupid"

I think a better documentary about a similar theme was "the truth about killer dinosaurs" Basically starting off with a "who would win in a fight" but then actually going into what we know about each dinosaur's mechanical strengths, behavior, physiology, etc. It's sneaking science in using a promise of violence. Too bad it's only 2 episodes. And while the Velociraptor model is decent if "gorilla suit", the T.rex has the eye in the wrong skull opening. Oof.