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No More Feathered Terror Birds



I'm so tired of people giving terror birds feathers! There's no evidence they did! We should draw them with scales until it's proven they had feathers, because scales are clearly the default for anything that doesn't have feathers! There's no evidence they had eyeballs instead of empty sockets either, but I draw them with eyeballs because I enjoy contradicting myself! Besides, they lived on tropical grasslands and were so big they'd clearly overheat if they had feathers! Okay, I acknowledge the fact that every member of the oviraptorosaur + paravian clade that we have integument of has feathers, but I think terror birds deviated from their ancestors for... no good reason, really! They just look silly with them; they look so much scarier being scaly and reptilian, and the appearance of living things is clearly dictated by how scary or mean I think they look! Furthermore, all feathered dinos lived in Asia, and terror birds were from the Americas, so that means they didn't have feathers! Right?
If you check out the Wikipedia talk pages of any well-known deinonychosaur (Velociraptor, Deinonychus, and Utahraptor for most part), you'll invariably find some variation of the above. And most of them aren't even that intelligent.
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You can say though, that phorusrhacids were more likely to be feathered than non-avians, because terror birds are more closely related to modern birds than dromaeosaurs are. And we have more evidence that all modern birds are feathered, than we do all dinosaurs being like that.

The further back you go down the evolutionary tree, the less likely dinosaurs were to have feathers, if feathers are a derived trait.

I accept dromaeosaurs being feathered, but you can't just equivocate them with terror birds, evolutionarily speaking.