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Never Trust Passerine Nomenclature



This comes with the obligatory caveat that the phylogeny of Neoaves is extraordinarily messy (e.g.: whether American sparrows are close to buntings or nested within them), but the general statements here are widely recognized. Some will assert, reasonably enough, that there is no need for common names to adhere to underlying phylogeny, but never let it be said that I never ignore such nuances in favor of achieving a desired effect (either elucidation or confusion in this case depending on your point of view utter confusion).

Want more confusion? This does not even include all taxa known as warblers, robins, and so forth. Here is a more comprehensive list (and includes non-passerine examples).
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I keep returning to this work of yours every few years - and each time, I simply marvel at how simple yet elegant it is at proving a point of not using common names for taxonomy :D