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My Little Maniraptor Supporting Cast Part I



Didn't plan to draw this initially, but after I uploaded this some commenters wondered how I'd Mesozoic-ify certain supporting My Little Pony characters. So I whipped this drawing up that takes into account those characters and a few more besides (including Luna in her regular form). Besides, I did want to draw a therizinosaur Zecora. Does this mean there will be more of My Little Maniraptor in the future? Probably not as a regular thing, because these are much more time consuming than my usual works, but admittedly these characters are fun to design, so no promises to anybody.

Various notes and observations:
-Pterosaurs launched by vaulting into the air, while birds launch by jumping. How would Gilda (with the front end of a pterosaur and the hindquarters of a theropod) launch?

-Yes, there were testudines and alligatorids in the Mesozoic, but I wanted to shake things up a little, so we have Simosuchus-based Tank and champsosaurid Gummy.

-Zecora being a therizinosaur is a nod to all those zebra-striped therizinosaur restorations, as well as her initially strange demeanor in the show.

-Luna is raising her wings too high for any non-ornithothoracine maniraptor, but who says she only has non ornithothoracine traits? ;) (And she's essentially a physical goddess so she can screw the rules.)
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My Little Maniraptors ftw! :D