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My Little Maniraptor: Princesses Celestia and Luna



Just like the original Celestia and Luna embody traits from all three pony types, maniraptor!Celestia and Luna possess traits from different types of maniraptors. They have magical bony head crests like caenagnathoids, large wings like dromaeosaurids, and long legs like troodonts. In addition, Luna has a beak at the front of her snout, inspired by Ichthyornis, which I figured would make her look more menacing in her Nightmare Moon form than just a completely toothy snout. Her tail feathers are based on those of Microraptor, while Celestia's are more similar to those of trodoonts or Archaeopteryx. (Why do they have such different characteristics if they're supposed to be siblings? They're physical goddesses, they can screw the rules.) I was also heavily influenced by swans and storks for their overall body plans.

I also threw in Philomeena because I hadn't Mesozoic-ified an adult phoenix yet, and the phoenixes in the original show are badass (and also to fill the blank space I had there). She is based on a female Darwinopterus. The phoenixes in the original show display sexual dimorphism, and in My Little Maniraptor this would be expressed similarly to Darwinopterus.
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hey i just realised, wheres princess cadence? AND ULTERNO!