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My Little Maniraptor: Applejack



Maniraptor!Applejack is a flightless dromaeosaurid, with nice strong legs for kicking fruit off trees. (She kicks forward, as shown in the original My Little Maniraptor drawing. Cassowaries are known to do this, by the way, though it's out of aggression rather than to get fruit off trees.)

Applejack is notable for being the only character whose cutie mark I've changed in My Little Maniraptor, to reflect the fact that there were no apples in the Mesozoic. I've heard that relatives of custard apples were already around though, so I used those instead. (Whether the fruit would actually resemble modern custard apples so much is a different matter.)

As maniraptor!Applejack and her family are obligate carnivores, the custard apples they farm are for commercial purposes only and they don't eat any themselves.
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Well, I've heard of obligate carnivores enjoying fruit, so I think you could get away with it. ESPECIALLY if it's Applejack