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My Little Maniraptor




Some assorted observations I noted while doing this:
-Plausible explanation for eyelashes: ground hornbills have them.

-Isn't it ironic for a small ceratopsian to have a crush on an oviraptorosaur?

-Applejack is farming a close Mesozoic relative of modern custard apples.

-When I originally uploaded this, I suggested that sapient, pastel-colored maniraptors would have limited use for clothing given their already extravagant plumage, and that maniraptor-Rarity also works in feather maintenance, with dressmaking being more of a side gig. However, I've reconsidered this in light of the idea that artificial enhancement of one's natural ornaments may still be of interest to hypothetical sapient maniraptors. Besides, the fashion business in MLP stays afloat even though the ponies don't always wear clothes. (Not to mention, it makes for less work when I redesign characters who do wear signature clothes.)

-Rainbow Dash's color scheme appears to suggest that she leaves a triple quadruple(!) rainbow in her wake at top speed.

-I couldn't find a good way to fit a crown on Celestia's head. I suppose if you have a huge crest on your head a crown becomes superfluous.

If you want someone to credit/blame for putting this idea in my head, DawnEmperor is the one you want.

Post-update notice (2013): I'm aware that Twilight is an alicorn now. As this image was meant to vaguely reflect the beginning of the series, I have chosen to keep her in her original form here.

Updated Feb. 17, 2020: I've "remastered" this image by redrawing it at higher resolution.
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rainbowdash as Microraptor life is complete.