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Let's Go Digital

As some might have noticed, I've been making forays into digital art lately, starting with updating some of my older works. Here's a quick comparison of what has changed in these updates. Coloring is easier now, for one thing, and I don't have to worry so much about eraser marks or scan quality.

The reason I don't have an updated 2011 drawing up there is that I don't have any drawings from that year I especially want to digitize. (Okay, maybe this one, but I should wait until later in the year, don't you think?*)

I should point out that the original pencil drawings up there are the last versions I uploaded on dA, which may have gone through other updates since their initial uploading. (We didn't know the colors of Anchiornis in 2009, for instance!)

*I have now updated that one.
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I like how the Feather Stampede is growing so you can keep adding to the end of it :)
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Yup, something that would have been hard to do had I stuck to paper.
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I see what you did with the title!
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Of course you did.
Ornitholestes1's avatar
Ouch, P&F reference :P
Albertonykus's avatar
Yep, couldn't resist. =P
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Looks good. I like the clean, crisp digital style you're developing. Hope to see more experimentation with adding color in the future. :)
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Thanks. I still like the effect of only filling in known colors, but certainly expect to see coloring crop up more from now on.
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It was awesome!:)

I love what you did to your old drawings and later turn into the digital version, three cheers for Albertonykus!:D
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