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'Feathered Dinosaur'

Although many dinosaur enthusiasts are gradually coming to grips with reality and have started drawing feathered dinosaurs, the problem is that a lot of people still don't know what a feathered dinosaur should really look like, so many "feathered dinosaurs" get a grand total of three pennaceous feathers on the head and a mane down the neck. These are not feathered dinosaurs. These are scaly dinosaurs wearing feathered hats and suits. I've talked about this before, but just to show how ridiculous these are, here's a "feathered galliform".
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You should do a "feathered strigiform".
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That would be fun.
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May I have your hand in marriage? Because I'M IN LOVE.
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No. XD But thanks anyway.
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You know, this sorta thing really reminds me of my own inconsistancy with drawing feathers. When I draw Velociraptor, it is.....fairly tufty. It has the feathered crest on its head, running down its neck and back, a plummed tail, and various "tufts" on the rest of the body, notably so on the arms....but still not consistantly "feathery". In contrast, when I draw Oviraptor, everything from the bottom of the neck down, minus hands and feet, is COVERED in the stuff.

Consistancy does not appear to be my strong point. XD
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Oviraptorids just inherently look more bird like than deinonychosaurs, I suppose, but deinonychosaurs were closer to avians than oviraptors were. (In fact, where integument is well preserved, deinonychosaurs were more heavily feathered than oviraptors. Oviraptors had scales on the fingers, deinonychosaurs didn't, etc.)
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Haha, brilliant. I can't remember which blog I read this on recently but many artists draw "dinosaurs with feathers" rather than "feathered dinosaurs."
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Must've been Theropoda: [link]
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