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Breaking the Curse II

The curse of the deinonychosaurs ("raptor" dinosaurs) is this: they are so cool that some people think they can kill anything, or at least any plant-eating dinosaur. We see this in TV programs like Clash of the Dinosaurs and Jurassic Fight Club. I've even seen it in some children's books on dinosaurs. I love deinonychosaurs, too. They are among my favorite dinosaurs, but dinosaurs are real-life animals, not sci-fi monsters. This is especially absurd when we talk about troodonts or basal dromaeosaurids - every inch of their anatomy shows they chased after smaller animals. Troodonts may have even eaten some plants. Eudromaeosaurs (derived dromaeosaurids), including Velociraptor mongoliensis and Deinonychus antirrhopus, may have been able to manage slightly larger prey, especially if they were group hunters, which is debatable. However, this doesn't mean they're going to attack something hundreds of times their size like a half-grown sauropod (giant long-necked plant-eating dinosaur) or a large hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur). Yet, there really are media out there that show them doing this, or claim that they're capable of it. No kidding.
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The real question is why the hell did that dromaeosaur not run? Dromaeosaurs weren't particularly fast by theropod standards but they weren't slow either. 
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I'm sure it could have escaped if it'd wanted to. But it didn't because this is a cartoon meant to make a point.
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Raptors are SO OVERRATED!!! And hadrosaurs are SO UNDERRATED!!!
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Whenever there's a fight between a carnivore and a large herbivore, I usually expect the former to get KO'ed.
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Had you been a thousand fifteen kilo dromaeosaurids, you'd get a fair chance. :P
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If I ever made a dinosaur movie...I'd make the hadrosaur the killer
I love that you submitted this one to Art Evolved's hadrosaur gallery - I was hoping you would. Kickass hadros are sadly underrepresented in any dinosaur-related media.
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what about tenontosaurus? there is evidence that it was killed by deinonychus
Possible (it was small enough) , but it would be more than capable of launching a fatal counterattack and wipe out the entire group.
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Yeah, after killing a half-dozen of them
Actually those were likely killed by other Deinonychus that came in to take the kill.
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I find that unlikely but that's certainly a possibility.
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Those Tenontosaurus weren't fully grown, and even an adult Tenontosaurus wasn't as large as most hadrosaurids. Also, we can't really know if the Tenontosaurus were actually killed by the Deinonychus.
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probably though because they are much cooler that way :)
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Rule of Cool is not reality, and is in any case subjective: [link]
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Oh man, it's like you parody every thing in modern perception of dinosaurs in mass media I hate. I love this.
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It's probably because I'm greatly annoyed by them as well. XD If you have any more dino pet peeves that you feel haven't been expressed enough I guess you could send them my way. My progress has been slow lately and I could do with some motivation.
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What about Greg Paul's crazy overlumping? We end up with things like "Sinornithosaurus ashile" but not (for example) "Mononykus deserti".
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That was a comment from two years (okay, a year and a half) ago of course, but that could be a potential future topic.
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