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A Guide to Rodent Phylogeny

By Albertonykus
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If you'd told me that my first spiritual successor to The Cartoon Guide to Vertebrate Evolution would be about rodents, I wouldn't have believed you either. However, between Rodent Week on Twitter and a secret project* I've been working on, I've had rodents on my mind a lot lately.

*No longer a secret.

This diagram covers most extant rodent lineages, though I left out a few "minor" groups (usually consisting only of a few poorly-studied species). Nothing is to scale (except the capybara and guinea pig, roughly). Despite accounting for about 40% of extant mammalian species, rodent diversity frequently goes underappreciated, but I think many species are ecologically and evolutionarily very interesting... for mammals, at least.

To address the inevitable "Which group will you cover next?" and "Will you do X group?" questions, it's all up in the air for now. I made this very much as a spur-of-the-moment thing; whatever is next in the series (if anything) will likely be borne out of similarly fortuitous circumstances.
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“‘Parallelism, parallelism, more parallelism and still more parallelism’ is the evolutionary motto of the rodents.” Wood, 1935 :)
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Wow! The amount of convergent evolution is striking!
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When you're entire family is dissed because of two individuals. 
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Ha, pretty much!
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Interesting to see how they are all related to each other. 
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Amazing work.  I don't like when people treat rodents as all equals. There are enormous differences among them, also ethologically.
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Thanks, and agreed!
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Are you going to do any extinct ones?
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Extinct rodents? The problem is the rodent fossil record is mostly jaws and teeth. Exceptions exist, of course, but including only taxa known from decent body fossils likely wouldn't give a very good account of their diversity.
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What about the Majorcan giant dormouse?
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Like I said, "exceptions exist". ;)
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You think you could draw those like this?
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Could I? Probably. Would I? Eh. Never say never, but I have no immediate plans to do so.
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Okay. Just Asking.
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