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The family of Dragon Ball

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All we need is Kami and Garlic Jr and its a complete happy family! :D

Anyways nice "family" portrait 
willmaiabr's avatar
muito bom! very good
MuffetSlave's avatar
Que mal rollo...
DimaneitorComics's avatar
Si esto fuera un universo participante de DBM en el estadio, todos los demás asistentes dirian: WTF????????? XD
BH-Ouji's avatar
If 4kids got DBZ..................for real
Kira192015's avatar
In their minds: HA! We're hugging the ones that have either killed us or wanted us dead! Insanity: 1, our mental health: zero!
ape-escape5's avatar
This is kinda cute!
MikeysFanGirl's avatar
If life in DBZ was like that, Earth would have the ultimate defense force!
HulktySSJ2's avatar
This is so awkward I literally cringed...
IKR; nothing says crack 'verse like hugging on the guy who killed ya.
salvamakoto's avatar
realmente genial!!, es uno de los mejores trabajos que eh visto en deviantart sobre dragonball desde que estoy en esta pagina 
Totally a "Meet the cast" sort of pic as if it's a very very well done live action show
Arielitox's avatar
vaya selfie entre los buenos y los malos
remotecat25's avatar
This is great! A part of me wishes this was true.
Gerosion's avatar
It'd be funny if Vegeta was only holding Guldo's severed head.
RonnieSmith98's avatar
I like this alot. It's like they're all just actors who are friends with each other.
FlashFighter212's avatar
There is so much wrong here
DarthScyther's avatar
But where's 18 giving a Piggyback ride to Future Gohan?
BH-Ouji's avatar
FLazuli never killed FGohan, it was her dimwitt brother who killed him
Majin3D's avatar
Its funny how everyone is paired with people they hate, hurt or have killed.

Very nice, its awesome.

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