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They look great together. At times I wished Z continued with fan art. I wished Super was never a thing.

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Pan se ve tierna en los hombros de su tío raditZ
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Awesome Goku family!
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awww raditz is letting pan sit on his shoulder...cute
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How about Piccolo’s Family?

Katas -> Nameless Namekian (split into) Demon King Piccolo -> Drum, Tambourine, Piano, Cymbal, Piccolo Jr <- Kami, Nail, Dende
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Goku's family vicious circle: 
-Goku: From mortal to beyond a god.
-Bardock: From low-class warrior to a Legend. 
-Gine: From nothing to 1° waifu.
-Raditz: From scary to "Who even is this guy????"
-Grandpa Gohan: From loved to forgotten.
-ChiChi: From lovely wife to TH@Â¥.
-Gohan: From badass to disappointment.
-Goten: From awesome to "Yeah that never happened"
-Pan: From adorable to hateable (At least in GT)
-Ox King: From Giantman to Fatman.
-Mr Satan: From annoying to funny.
-Videl: From strong warrior to weak damsel.
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I know Goku Jr isn't there as it will cause intense contradictions to Pan still being a kid (and those fans will say "hE iSn'T cAnOn")

Goku Jr - From timid and meek to prodigal upcoming warrior and protector
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More like:
-Goku Jr: From very interesting to completely forgotten (At least for Toei and Toriyama)
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Lmao, that's also accurate
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That's right 😉
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That's legit everyone in the fam 
Niiiiiiiiiice. That takes RESEARCH
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ik every one but the girl in front of Goku, not chichi, the one with the sayain armor. 
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That's Gine
She is Goku's mother
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Oooh cool. Thanks!!
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You are Welcome!!
Nice! Everyone is here (aside from Chi-Chi and Videl's mothers, who are unknown)!
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Awesome, I like it :)
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Ha. Amazing. 

You should do one of Bulma/Vegeta's family next. Vegeta's sister in law is hilarious. 
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My out loud reaction to this picture:

Aww... AWWWWW!!
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I wish Gine was here
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Numca me gustaron esos diseños de gohan y videl realmente
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