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Well, I will say that the only good thing about this so-called artwork, is that it really just shows how artistically and creatively bankrupt you are. This character will forever be far more relevant an awesome than anything you will ever come up with.

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holy hell. It's just a joke (andit'stechnicallynotwrong) I think it's pretty funny and I like DB Yamcha.

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Saying it's "just a joke" in order to shit on a character you claim to like is weak sauce. Also, a joke has to be funny. Please tell me what's the punch line in a guy who's single was to marry and have a family being intentionally kept single?

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Because Yamcha generally has some pretty funny comedy in DB and Super. This is a subversion of his other art works and I thought it was pretty funny based on that. I'm not laughing at Yamcha, I'm laughing with Yamcha. I'm not shitting on him, I genuinely like Yamcha from Dragon Ball, and I love Vegeta, but I still shit on Vegeta from time to time making dumb he's number two jokes. Like Yamcha isn't intentionally left single, he just isn't important anymore for the story like so many other side characters. Tien's also single and he had an actual ship. If it makes you feel better I drew my friend's OC who's a descendent of Yamcha.

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Yamcha's comedic moments in DB didn't revolve around him being single. And I find it incredibly ridiculous that you're "laughing with Yamcha", when he's never once laughed at never having achieved his life's goal. How does that make sense, honestly? Also, Yamcha was intentionally left single, his "relevance" to the story or lack thereof has absolutely nothing to do with that. Krillin wasn't relevant to the story for a long time post Frieza arc, unless you count being the senzu bean carrier as an actual story role, which I don't. And yet he was still given a whole family. Tien's a really bad example to use, as the dude's practically a monk, so saying he had an actual ship is literally only half true at best (since Lunch's feelings were never reciprocated).

Yamcha had a whole ship, for years in the story, and yet his single dream in life was given to a Saiyan who didn't give a crap about it til nearly the very end of the series. So for someone to make fun of that, and then try to justify it by saying "oh but I genuinely like the character", sorry, I don't see it. Everyone says they shit on other characters to justify their anti-Yamcha bias, but you never see it in their content. Drawing a friend's OC isn't impressive or make me "feel better". You wanna show you like the character, show me some artwork of him w/ an ACTUAL character in a relationship. I genuinely like the character, but I don't show it by making fun of him, I show it by commissioning artwork of him displaying awesome techniques, or writing fan-fiction that actually portrays him in a positive manner.

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Alrighty buddy,

1. Krillin does has important plot relevance after Freeza as he is the one to spare 18 and befriend not just her but also 16... You know the person who wants to kill Goku and stops because of Krillin's wishes and stands up against Cell, his brother, ultimately being the trigger for Super Saiyan 2; THE THING TO STOP CELL? What did Yamcha do in that arc; got a hole in his chest and whines because Vegeta was actually there for Bulma when she needed someone most. Krillin and 18 make sense because the series actually works for their relationship, making the end result satisfying and feel conclusive.

2. It's funny you claim to be a massive Yamcha fan, but his goal was never to become the strongest or even have a family. His goal was to be a successful baseball star and to get over his fear of women. What does he do at the end of the first half of Dragon Ball; become a successful baseball star and become so unafraid of women that he actually cheats on Bulma. By the way, no saying that isn't canon, because it damn well is canon. It's mentioned in the manga by multiple people and Toriyama elaborated on it in interviews. It's canon, deal with it I don't like Goku giving Moro a sensu because it's a slap in his character but you don't see me complaining.

3. Tien is a good example because my point wasn't about the ship itself, it was about how Tien had a clear ship but he still is single. Yamcha isn't an exception to other characters, he's just another single character. If you want a "better example" then Oolong is as old as Yamcha and he's still single. I could list many other characters that are single, but the point still stands. Yamcha doesn't have a relationship because not only is he not relevant to the story anymore, but because he just doesn't have one. He's not an exception, he not being "bullied." The funniest thing about that argument is that Toriyama has stated in the past that he doesn't like Vegeta, yet he has a relationship. Because the story facilitates him to have one.

4. You talk about me having anti-Yamcha bias but I think you have anti-Vegeta bias. Vegeta totally deserves Bulma and Bulma totally deserves Vegeta. Yes, Vegeta's was an asshole at first, but the good thing about a dynamic with people who don't like each other is that they have a common conflict which can strengthen the core character relationship. Understanding resolution to each other's problems with the other is a breeding ground for great character interaction and growth, making them understand each other and able to even rely on each other who they previously hated to help their own problems. It makes the relationship believable and well realized in the story. Vegeta and Bulma are a great example of this. Vegeta needs Bulma not just to get stronger because of the gravity chamber but to also humanize him and get him accustomed to his life on Earth and eventually after Goku's sacrifice. You know that thing called character development. Bulma needs Vegeta because she needs someone to support her after Yamcha is a massive prick by cheating on her multiple times. They're both lonely and need each other to help the other. Yamcha doesn't help Bulma because he's too distant of a person to help her. This is shown when they have that falling out in the Red Ribbon arc. Bulma is just not Yamcha's type of girl. Bulma's is Vegeta's type of girl because Bulma needs someone to comfort her rather than Yamcha who doesn't help her needs. Hell, Yamcha learned from this experience because he learned to not be a cheat and to find a girl who meets his needs.

5. I don't owe you shit. If you don't believe me that I like Yamcha, then that's your problem, I don't really care. But I don't owe you or anyone else a drawing of Yamcha specifically in a ship to show I like him. I like Yamcha, but he isn't my favorite character. I like Whis, but he isn't my favorite character. Hell, I love Goku, he's my favorite of the Z Fighters, and I still rarely draw him. I don't owe you a drawing of Yamcha to show I like the character and I certainly won't tolerate you insulting my friend's OC because he's an OC and that means he has no interest or shits given about the character. That's just uncalled for and absolutely rude. He likes Yamcha and he took inspiration from that character to make his own. For you to complain and down play his creativity and ideas just to say it isn't impressive, or it means jack all is such elitism bullshit. Stop acting like you're above everyone else and if you say I'm acting like an elitist then the difference is that I actually brought an argument to the table. This all stemmed from just a silly joke for fun, chill the hell out.

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Okay pal:

1) Krillin's actions in the Cell arc had no relevance on the story whatsoever, as literally NONE of those things were essential to the plot moving forward. If anything, Krillin's actions were JUST as detrimental to the story as Vegeta's was allowing Cell to absorb 18. The reason I say Krillin befriending 18 isn't essential to the story is because had he shut them down, Cell would've never been able to achieve his perform form, and Trunks or anyone else with some sense could've destroyed Cell and the planet wouldn't have been in jeopardy. In fact, Krillin's actions also rendered Tien's whole heroic moment of attempting to hold Cell back entirely moot, lmao. Yet you think that's somehow a good thing, smh. 18 being spared bore no necessity to the story overall, in fact it only made things worse and ultimately cost Goku his life, so your whole argument is flat out moot. As for your potshot at Yamcha, I'm gonna address that too.

2) It's funny you claim to like Yamcha, yet you literally haven't said one positive thing about him. Not....One. The man didn't "whine" about Bulma slutting herself out to Vegeta. And I clearly know more about Yamcha's character than you, because he stated CLEARLY in both the manga and early DB that his life's dream was to get over his shyness of women and get married. That was the whole point of him trying to steal the dragon balls. Getting married was the ENDGAME. The man never said anything about being a baseball star, that's literally just something you made up. And I'm damn well gonna call bullshit on you saying he cheated on Bulma, because you KNOW you have no proof. For one, what multiple people in the manga accused him of cheating? Bulma herself NEVER says what he's done or what she's mad at him for. She only says that they fight a lot, that's it. Krillin never says it, because he doesn't know himself. Neither does Goku, or anyone else who could be remotely close enough to the situation. Even her own freaking mother tells Goku during the RR arc that Bulma essentially blows things out of proportion, a trope which is further played out in anime filler and even the movies.

The only person who says so is Future Trunks, and he'd never spoken to either past or present Yamcha until after his first appearance. And at no point does he ever get Yamcha's side of the story. As for Toriyama's interview statements, that's cute, because I can literally pull up quotes from the man stating (I believe around the time of the Battle of Gods movie) that Yamcha is still single because he's still "not good with women", meaning he still has his phobia. Or quotes from Toriyama stating Yamcha, at some point, got a job at and was fired from working as a host at a bar, again for the same reason. Or even how Yamcha's Japanese voice actor, Toru Furuya, confirmed during a panel that both he AND Bulma's late voice actress, Hiromi Tsuru, verbally disagreed with Toriyama splitting the couple up. So no, the whole cheating bit isn't canon, it's a half-assed narrative to shoehorn Vegeta and another Saiyan into the story (Trunks). If you're gonna argue a narrative, at least know what you're talking about; just like you don't know what you're talking about with Goku giving Moro a senzu, because he literally did that same exact thing to Perfect Cell just before his fight w/ Gohan.

3) Again, Tien isn't a good example because he doesn't have a clear ship. As I said previously, in order for a ship to be clear, there has to be reciprocation, it can't be one-sided. Look at Naruto, no one ever acknowledged a Sasuke & Ino ship, because it was one-sided only on Ino's part. The same with Tien & Lunch, Tien has never expressed even a remote interest in Lunch, which is a large part of the reason why she was literally phased from existence in the story post Saiyan arc, never to be seen again. Oolong is an even WORSE example because his goal has never been a relationship, he's just wanted to perve on some chicks. Think about it, you claim that Yamcha is single because he's not relevant to the story. Remember Ranfan? The purple haired chick who competed in the 21st World Tournament? Even SHE'S married, according to Toriyama, where's her relevance to the story?? So yes, Yamcha literally has been singled out and bullied, not just by the author, but by the anime/game writers and especially fans like yourself. As for Toriyama "not liking Vegeta", that actually bolsters my argument because as I stated, he only exists in the story to birth more Saiyans. That's the only reason he was paired w/ Bulma, nothing else.

4) Dude, I haven't mentioned one negative thing about Vegeta, not in my original post, or even my earlier replies to you. You're the only one who's brought him up, apparently as a means to deflect from the point. All my posts have been about is Yamcha, so you're doing some serious projection here. But since you opened the door, I find it beyond amusing that according to you, the best Bulma could do for a partner is a homicidal maniac who was not only majorly responsible for the death of her then boyfriend, and who attempted multiple times of murdering her other friends, but who also killed children on a whim, who didn't care about her life or the life of his newborn son when they were both nearly blown up by Dr. Gero, and who only saw them as an avenue to greater power to put himself on par with Goku (his words in the Buu arc, I'm not making this up), and who as recently as the Buu arc committed mass murder by blowing up half an entire stadium just to provoke Goku to a fight. Even if I were to buy the "Yamcha cheated" narrative, I STILL wouldn't make the claim that Vegeta is the man she deserves. You're even going as far as to call Yamcha a "distant" person, when he's literally the furthest from that. Vegeta, Tien, even Piccolo are all distant people. Hell, Vegeta had to be THREATENED by Bulma just to attend her birthday party in Super, and that's his freaking wife!! It's also funny how you clearly display more vitriol toward Yamcha, by laughing at his misfortune, then calling him a prick, yet you claim to like him, and are somehow in your feelings when I call you out on this?? Again, smdh.

5) I didn't say you owed me shit, I made that point because you're the one who literally spoke like you drawing some random OC was doing me some huge favor. That's the only reason I said that, it wasn't to disrespect your friend's ideas or whatever, because I don't KNOW your friend's ideas. It was in response to your hilariously irrelevant point. I also don't appreciate nor will I tolerate you're straw-manning on this point, because my saying that impressing me would be drawing the ACTUAL character in a positive light isn't elitist, but your implication that somehow only YOU have brought up any relevant arguments/talking points IS elitism bullshit, and it's highly false at that. You talk about respect, but you've shown very little during this entire discussion. The fact is my original post wasn't in response to you, you're the one who came and threw your 2-cents on to a 2-year old post that, quite frankly, no one asked you for. Lastly, don't tell me to "chill the hell out", you don't get to control people's opinions on online content, especially when it's not your own, nor do you get to dictate who's allowed one and who isn't. Peace.

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FUCK. YOU. Yamcha has gotten bashed for far too long. He deserves better.
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Read this manga and simply amazing, develops the characters and respects DB, DBZ and in fact far superior to DBS. And very well written, read here:…
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This is completely fucked up. The Yamcha bashing has gotten ridiculous and quite overbearing. Not knocking the artist here, but Christ, ever since the death scene in DBZ, and ever since the memes and TFS, shit never seems to go fairly for Yamcha at all. Everybody really believes he cheated all because Bulma, Trunks, and Toriyama said so. And he's not even weak. 
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I mean Yamcha did cheat on Bulma. That's in the manga. Like don't get me wrong I think the Yamcha jokes are annoyngly over saturated too, but the cheating thing is canon

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There's no evidence he did. It's only been words being said he did, but there's literally no evidence. Hardly any evidence at all.

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If Toriyama said he cheated then it's canon. And while yes it's their words it's specifically stated in the character files between the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai and beginning of Raditz's arrival that they broke up so Bulma's story holds true. Although I will agree with you that he isn't weak and I agree that the jokes are overdone.

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Because Yamchais so pathetic that he doesn't have anyone to go home to aside from Puar. 
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No, it's because he just happens to be a character in a series in which both the author and the fans give less than a shit about any characters other than Saiyans. And before you bring up Krillin, Toriyama has been quoted as saying that the only reason he had Krillin marry 18 was because he essentially pitied Krillin. Your contempt for this character is absolutely ignorant.

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¿Donde esta Puar?
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Forever Alone...
That's just mean.

Yamcha really needs his own spinoff, where he becomes a major hero, gets his own permanent love interest, and isn't outclassed by other characters, instead of being the sixth wheel in Goku's series. Or at least confirm Puar's gender as female and have her transform into an actual woman.
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That Time I got Reincarnated as Yamcha is a pretty great official fan manga. It's made by Dragon Garow Lee who's a really big Yamcha fan

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No, Yamcha should not be shacked up with Puar, even if he was a female and transformed into a human. He would still be lambasted by fans of practicing beastiality. It would not help his standing in the series at all. He needs to have his own, pure human (or even an android equivalent to #18) woman. As for having his own spinoff, I highly recommend you check out the online fan-manga, Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere. It's a brilliantly written, and long-running story, that does what Toriyama simply will not, and that's make Yamcha relevant again.

Dragonball Z Elsewhere - Page 1

this made me laugh!
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