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All family of Vegeta

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I always imagined king vegeta seeing gure and tarble and says you know what hells not so bad now

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Who's the blonde lady to the left of Vegeta?
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Her name is Tights Bulma‘s sister

It hit me at random this morning.

"Oh my inconceivable as it seems, I think Vegeta is technically the best father in anime."
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I still wondered. What happened to Future Tights and Future Tarble in Alternate Future Trunks' Timeline.
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So, this what Vegeta's family in the end of Dragon Ball Z 10 years later.
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¿Quién es la rubia que está cargando a Bra? :O
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Es la hermana mayor de Bulma
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Do I spy Tights holding Bulla there?
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What, no halo for King Vegeta?
I really hope Bulla isn't forgotten.
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wow King Vegeta must be so tall as heck XD
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yeah vegeta is short too
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wait who's the blonde girl?
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Her name's Tight Briefs, she's in Jaco The Galactic Patrolman
SOMERcomics's avatar
Oh, I thought so because I've never actually seen her, but then I saw the comments below saying "you forgot tights", so I assumed if was someone else
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You missed the most important: the cat
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cool que buen dibujo de toda la familia de vegeta y bulma esta genial me encanta te felicito mucho amigo:D:)
I hate Akira Toriyama, Because Someone missing here?... He Forgetting draw the king's wife and the mother of his sons
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She was never physically introduced in any official db media as of yet
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erase tarble and it will be perfect
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You have forget Tight Briefs
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