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You smell like green apples...



This is my submission for a contest at VincentYuffieFAN. The link to the group is on the side....------>

I think Yuffie's hair would smell like green apples. NOT LIKE THE FAKE APPLE SMELL, but the real one. Crisp and Tangy.

BTW believe it or not, I did all the coloring on one layer. Not the floaty things or the hair or the highlights. ONLY EXCEPTTIONS. Only a few of the floaty things are on the color layer...and if you look closely you can see where I

BUT yeah. All one layer. CUZ THAT'S HOW I CINNAMONROLL >:v

:iconcath101:~cath101 is allowed to use this pose, so if you see a deviation by her and you are all "OMG!!!111!!!11", don't bother me by telling me. I know. I told her she could use it.
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