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I changed my avatar about a week ago.  It'll probably annoy a lot more ppl than the last one :D  At least I hope so!  Muah hahahaa!  
And a few people have actually come by to say hello!!!! Yay!! :D  That makes me feel so happy ^____^

Go see Superman Returns.  Seriously.  Just do it.  It's good.  You'll love me for it.
While you're at it, go see An Inconvenient Truth.  The Al Gore movie.  It's really good also, but you'll hate me for seeing it.  Actually, don't hate me, hate America for creating 30% of the globe's global warming problems.  Someday, I'm gonna move to Canada...

Schedule for my summer:
Working on getting my real website up.
Learn 3D
Do lots of art

And taking commissions...
I won't charge much~~ Just $5/hour of work.  Which is pretty simple.
A sketch (depending on the amount of detail and whether or not a background is included) would be $5-10.  An inked picture would be around $10-15, while coloring that inked picture would be $25 (total-- I'll do a background too, so you'd get the full-sized photoshop file, I can mail you a print, and the original inked art if you want).  
I'll do anything but explicit sex.  I'll do light yaoi or a yuri.  No tentacles, please? :D  Original characters or fanart, anything is cool =]
I can also do colored pencil work of animals and people, such as:… ,…,… that case, you'd get the original in the mail and a scan at 300 dpi.

I don't take requests, unless you're a good friend XD  So, my good friends out there, take advantage of meee!  I'm running out of ideas to draw...
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Pollitoboy Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2006   Interface Designer
hello :)
spikeygod69 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006
Hey I definatly gotta see that superman returns! ^_^ Glad to see that you have been busy!!! Hope your summers going well!!!
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June 29, 2006