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Holy shit.  So much has happened recently.  Good and bad.  And very very bad.  Oh well...

Well, to start off with, my two buddies, Matt and Rob, and I, drove all the way to Ohio for Ohayocon on the 14th.  That was a super super blast.  The whole reason we went was cause I am a Steve Conte nut and ...suprise!  Steve Conte was a guest there!!! OMFG!!  He is a beautiful vocalist and does awesome work with Yoko Kanno, including stuff from Cowboy Bebop (Call me Call me, Words That We Couldn't Say), Wolf's Rain (Stray, Heaven's Not Enough), and my fave... from the Rah Xephon movie, Garden of Everything, which is a duet of him with Maaya Sakamoto (my fave Japanese artist...!).  So, we watched him perform of course, and bought a ton of crap, and all the usual con stuff.  But Rob and I totally tore up the dance floor because there was raver dances both nights!!  It was so sweet!!  It was all awesome music, too, anime and Japanese techno remixes.  Raves are banned here in Madison, WI, so it's really nice to be able to go to them at anime cons.  Anyhow, hopefully liquefying will be easier at Reactor or Acen...  But overall, this was definitely one of the best cons so far.  

And yeah.  Since then everything has been downhill.  Some of the worst stuff I've ever had to go through happened this past week, so I'm still kinda drained.  :sigh:  Oh well.. hopefully everything will be okay in 30 days...
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Wave-Master-Tsukasa Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
I am glade you enjoyed OhayoCon 05!!! =^_^= Really happy you enjoyed the dance... All yea... Next dance I spin, I will make sure you leave that con with a CD... HEH!!! ^_^;`... Any who... Thank you for adding my to your watched list and making me one of you friends...LOL!!!
SkyeBD Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2005
Hey nice to see you're still alive after being in Ohio.. the west of almost noble civilization.
gadreel Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
"the west of almost noble civilization."

*wipes a tear away* That's beautiful.

Glad to see you arrived safely! :)
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January 25, 2005