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A city from my husband's D&D campaign.  I had a lot of fun working on it XD    

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Fantastic. I'd love to use it. Does anyone know how i can check the license for an art piece?
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Oh and is the figure on the right your character maybe? If so what are they? =)
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Oh my gosh! I was literally looking at this artwork and thinking, you know what I'm totally gonna base one of my D&D campaign cities on this work, and then I read your description and its literally from D&D!! Thats soo cool! 
Love your artwork!
-What did your husband name the city? 
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Excellent work! Keep it up!
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Jaw... Drop! Absolutely astonishing. :-)
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this looks like something from middle earth....and I love it. 
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Wow, it's so beautiful ! *^* I want to visit this incredible city ! You are really talented !
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Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.Clap 
This looks like a brilliant city.
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omg how great!!!!
I should fav every work made by you :D
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*.* sooo pretty!!!
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My heart just stopped
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that is amazing! how did you do it?
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Absolute dream city. Would move there in a heartbeat if it existed.
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This is incredible. My players (I'm also a DM for a D&D campaign) have recently shown an interest in an ancient Elven kingdom in the world we're playing in, almost can't believe I've stumbled on this in my messages. It is almost exactly how I imagined it :)
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