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L5R: Mountain's Anvil Castle - Dragon Stronghold

By Alayna
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This piece is so old!  I did it for Onyx Edition way back in early 2015, but it was never shown as Onyx never came out.  FFG previewed this image today so I can finally post it.  Hopefully they use the other 8 images I did for Onyx =)  
I'd make a bunch of additions to it now, I think, but for now here is the original version.

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An amazing art piece, and I had to laugh about your avatar, really creative xD

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It was a shame Onyx never came out.  We were the losers on this one - until now.  Really wonderful fantasy piece.  I just love the mountain background & the lighting to emphasize your subject castle.  (And by the way, the only way to take this castle would be by air assault.)  I love the way you use additional shadowed houses/castles in the right & left foregrounds.  Really wonderful piece of work here.  Suitable for framing & hanging in a place of prominence.  Congrats.
joe in buenos aires
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I would have to copy that on minecraft. [if that is allowed !]  can also paint on minecraft. The blocks serve as pixels or how they call it.. [if that is allowed to even mention it]
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this is gorgeous. [I multicosmic dislike the bullshit called facebook]
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Forget the title. It's an air nomad temple!
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Glorious! So glorious! Great job. ^_^
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I've been looking at all your artwork and I love it all! You are such a good concept artist! What mediums do you use?
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So amazing!!!!!!!! I love it
(Looks around, whispers)
please teach me.
I'm a stop now :I
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You actually can show any of the Onyx work you want as far as I know. Others have been doing it for some time now. 
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Amazing work! :D
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Very enchanting!:D
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it's so beautiful
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Great <3 love the lighting
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Looks really cool! I like the landscape and buildings. nice attention to details and atmosphere :)
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Hey Alayna, im searching for pictures to add to a slide-show for my personal website and i really like this one. My next question is : Can i have your permission to use it on my website?
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I can see why it's called the Dragon Stronghold!
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This is absolutely stunning!
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