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Illustration - Capitalism

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© 2006 - 2020 Alayna
For my Illustration class.

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isaacbaranoff It produces prosperity in the abstract; that is, as productivity gains. This is the innovative, productive side of capitalism. But it is incredibly piss-poor at distributing these gains. You no doubt have a dogmatic far-right vision of socialism as anything less than the Randian nightmare world you have wet dreams about.
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An excellent illustration personifying the current state of the American financial system, especially the crooks of Wall Street. :silentkitty
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isaacbaranoffProfessional Traditional Artist
This is a painting of a bloated state, not a capitalist.
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The pig is very clearly a capitalist - the state is nowhere to be seen
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isaacbaranoffProfessional Traditional Artist
Read up on capitalism. You don't know what it is.
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"an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state."

The state does not conduct affairs for profit, but rather for the ultimate benefit of the capitalist class. The pig is a profiteering capitalist, hence the title given by the author - 'Capitalism'.
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isaacbaranoffProfessional Traditional Artist
Here is why I am a capitalist - religion has attempted to bring individuals with different beliefs who come from different parts of the world together, but it has failed. Communism also attempted to bring people together, but it failed. What actually has brought people together is technology. Capitalism is the only system that allows for the expansion of innovation and the progression of technology and humanity. Capitalism brings people together, through technology, and without the expense of the individual.
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Totally agree, and capitalism has played an important historic role! But its days are numbered, it will not outlive the next 50 years - certainly not the 21st century.
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isaacbaranoffProfessional Traditional Artist
It's days are only "numbered" if you allow the anti-science, religious nuts and collectivists to destroy it and send us back to the dark ages of mysticism and fear.
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No: Its days are numbered because capitalism cannot structurally sustain itself forever. The contradictions within capitalist production are destroying it from inside. Capitalist class relations cannot coexist with higher and higher rates of productivity that is keeping the US in a jobless recovery at the moment. Businesses don't need workers anymore, because their productivity gains from computers and machinery are so high. But paradoxically, businesses need consumers to buy their goods in order for the system to work. Thus, productivity gains are eroding the functioning of the system more and more everyday. 
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ShadowsOfAVorlonStudent Writer
I like alot
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Who is John Gault?
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Hahaha I like this, and very true, :D
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YourFreedomFighterProfessional General Artist
Oh, where I have I see this face before...

Lets see...*looks towards Wall Street, House of Reps, and Senate* Oh, There you are. >D

Very wonderfully done. ;) :+fav:
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JHTriuneHobbyist Digital Artist
You've been watching "Disturbed" Music Videos haven't you?
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Great idea and good paint.

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Nice depiction, I love the fobb watch!
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Hi Alayna.. uhhh.. w'sup? XD is the pile of money really necessary? i mean.. the pig is already eating the money, we get that part.... say.. if the money was.. the feathers of a poor chicken or.. some other personified object would give it story. :P :D :D
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I guess that's is a general representation, that everyone had look at least once in life, its very good, personally i catch the message :)
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