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Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World, Ch. 109

The Final Battle has begun in the Realm of the Infinite. The Department of Hotness and their allies has formed the multiverse-sized Hyper Tengen Toppa Grapearl Lagann. Carmen also forms her own super robot in the form of "Hyper Granzeboma", which resembles a cross between Super Granzeboma and Volthoom, and it is the same size as Hyper Tengen Toppa Grapearl Lagann, the size of a multiverse. "Don't underestimate us! We don't care about time, or space, or multi-dimensional whatevers... We don't give a dang about that! Force your way down a path you choose to take and do it all yourself. That's the way the Department of Hotness rolls!" shouted Ho

Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World

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Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel, Ch. 110

The fate of the entire Omniverse begins now. Hottie vs. Carmen, the entire 2014 roster of the Department of Hotness, led by G1 Optimus Prime, vs. the entire Empire of Darkness and the entire 2013 Department of Hotness, led by Elsa, vs. the Citadel Guardians and the cosmic criminals. Also joining the 2014 roster by the last minute is none other than Jimmy Sparks and his giant robot, Gigantor. "You've been a thorn on my side for the last time" said Carmen, "Bring it" said Hotti as she pulled out her gold-Vibranium axe, a lemon wedge and a unicorn horn and transformed into "Uni-Hottie With Lemon". Meanwhile after defeating the Citadel Guardians

Hottie 4: Even Better Sequel

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Hottie 5: Fifty Shades of Epic, Ch. 97

"Prologue" Five years ago: Alison Cole's got it all: She's gorgeous, dating a steamy surfer boy, and has just been crowned Beverly Hills High Freshman Class President. Then during a special "symmetry" surgery, a lightning bolt zaps her, and Alison instantly transforms into Hottie - that is, a totally sizzling superhero with the power to shoot fire from her fingers. Shunned as a Pyro-Freak, Alison must adopt dorky David Eels as her crime-fighting sidekick. Worse, she's falling for the one guy who wants to "extinguish" her forever, Junior Class President of Cuteness - and wannabe firefighter - T. Hull. But she doesn't realize that a supervilla

Hottie 5: Fifty Shades of Epic

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No. 54, 2020

Drawtober 2020 2

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Perils of Dawn, Pt. 7

Perils of Dawn

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Hottie 5: Fifty Shades of Epic, Ch. 97

"Prologue" Five years ago: Alison Cole's got it all: She's gorgeous, dating a steamy surfer boy, and has just been crowned Beverly Hills High Freshman Class President. Then during a special "symmetry" surgery, a lightning bolt zaps her, and Alison instantly transforms into Hottie - that is, a totally sizzling superhero with the power to shoot fire from her fingers. Shunned as a Pyro-Freak, Alison must adopt dorky David Eels as her crime-fighting sidekick. Worse, she's falling for the one guy who wants to "extinguish" her forever, Junior Class President of Cuteness - and wannabe firefighter - T. Hull. But she doesn't realize that a supervilla

The Best Spinoff in the World

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The Best VHS in the World

There once was a talking dog named Jason F. Mueller. One day he was speeding when a police car followed him. Instead of pulling over he speed up, the police car then chased Jason. Not only was Jason speeding buy he was slightly drunk and wasn't wearing a seat belt. Jason soon spotted a mall and (cause he saw it in The Blues Brothers) drove right through it. Jason ran over a few people while driving in the mall (they survived though). After driving through the mall, the police were still chasing him. Jason also drove through a few houses, ran a few stop lights, causing massive car crashes (everyone lived though), and ran over a few people (the

Fan Scripts

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Kyodaina Sentai Manukeranger, Pilot

At the Lair of Doom. Gaki, AKA Gem Stone, is plotting world domination. She is the evil princess of the Alliance of Doom. Members of the Alliance of Doom includes MAD led by Dr. Claw, Spydra, Dr. Robotnik, the Heels led by Roddy Piper, Dr. X, Scopes, Bianca Dupree, Mother Brain, Shadow Master, Master Blaster, Ganon, V.E.N.O.M. led by Miles "Wolf" Mayhem, Scarab, Murky Dismal, King Koopa, Carmen Sandiego, Gozer and Dr. Paradigm. Lesser members include Ijime-kko (AKA Slugloaf), Gaki's bodyguard. "Minions! I have the perfect plan for world domination!" said Gaki while addressing the Alliance of Doom. Later on Gaki sends an army of SWATbots (whic

Kyodaina Sentai Manukeranger

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Thaddeus C. DeCartoon #1, Final Page

Thaddeus C. DeCartoon

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The Perils of Cindy Vortex, episode 7

Cindy Vortex and Libby Folfax have "borrowed" (without asking) Jimmy Neutron's spaceship and are halfway to the moon. Cindy is wearing her flight suit from "King of Mars". Libby's not wearing her space suit, until now that is. Libby's space suit is comprised of a space helmet, purple hipster pants over a pink leotard with sleeves, a blue belt, pink tights, pink boots and pink gloves. They are in the ship's airlock and Cindy is helping libby putting in her legs part of the space suit,  and she gets up and she puts in the arm part and cindy zips up the back. Then she put's on Libby's hipster pants which go over the leotard. She's then buck

Perils of Cindy Vortex

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Polly the Kitty Fairy Tulpa

Polly Joanna Jackson

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Super Milestone Wars 3, Grand Finale

Today is Thanksgiving, and the battle is still ongoing since the last chapter. All of the good guy teams are now fighting the Anti-Guardian himself in his home universe, Antimatter Universe-1 of the Antimatter Multiverse. Supetastic 6 Unlimited decide to end the battle once and for all and form Tengen Toppa Gigantor Lagann, Captain Music decides to have Miss Conduct in the cockpit with him. The Anti-Guardian decides to to form a galaxy-sized mecha himself in the form of Tengen Toppa Black OX, which resembles Black OX from Gigantor only it has a skull for a torso. The two galaxy-sized super robots then start to duke it out, thus starting the "

Super Milestone Wars 3: The Supetastic 6 Rises

24 deviations

Department of Hotness, Ultimate Hottie version

Alison Matsumoto AKA Hottie: The leader of the Department of Hotness. Unlike in the book, she's half-Japanese and her last name has been changed from Cole to Matsumoto. She's also very smart and a nerd, as she invented a super-suit that allows her to shoot and manipulate fire. Also she wears glasses, except when she's wearing her Hottie armor. T: Unlike T from the novel, who was Alison Cole's boyfriend, this version is a squishy balloon-like robot that was designed to be a healthcare companion. Alison eventually built him armor giving him super strength, flight and a rocket fist Kellyn Chung: Unlike in the book he last name was changed from

Ultimate Hottie

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East Coast Department of Hotness

* Colonel Axe: The leader of the East Coast Department of Hotness. His weapon of choice is an axe made of a gold-titanium alloy. He's also a black belt in every single martial art known to man and has mastered Ki. * Lieutenant Flute: 2nd-in-command of the East Coast Department of Hotness. He wields a magic flute * Robotarang: A man with bionic arms that could transform into boomerangs, and they could shoot out and come right back. * Ali-Man: A scientist who genetically engineered himself to have a magic unicorn horn and pegasus wings. * Power Dog: A dog that, after rolling around in some toxic waste, gained the ability to talk. He also co

East Coast Department of Hotness

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Monster High 5: Power Ghouls, Ch. 1

The night was humid in the town of Salem, Oregon. It was a normal town, except the fact that RADs and normies co-existed with each other. But little did the the people know, that deep underground was the lair of the evil organization "E.M.O.D." (short for the Empire of Darkness"). The organization was led by their empress, the evil Cat Tastrophe. Members include the werecats, Purrsephone & Meowlody, and the robotic EMOD Warfare Agents. Branches of E.M.O.D where located all around the world, one of those branches was located in New Your City with members including the Five Families. On her throne, Cat Tastrophe was thinking of ways to takeover

Monster High 5: Power Ghouls

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Hottie x Supetastic 6: March Madness, Ch. 3

In the month of March, The Department of Hotness, the Supetastic 6 and the Planar Champions have battled Super Zangyack throughout the omniverse. During that time Empress Jody has obtained almost all of the omniverse's MacGuffins. Such MacGuffins include The Allspark, The Autobot Matrix of Leadership, a bunch of Energon, the Golden Fleece, the Golden Apple of Discord, the Holy Grail (of Authurian legend), a batch of MacGuffium 2-39, Jumbonium, "The Secret Thing" and many more. Our heroes have their hands on their own MacGuffin, the Crystal Coconut, just to keep it away from Empress Jody. The evil Empress has her eyes on the final MacGuffin, t

Hottie x Supetastic 6: March Madness

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The Best Book of Life Fanfic in the World

Once upon a time was girl named Candace Im. One day she traveled to the Mexican town of San Angel. While there she met Maria, Manolo, Maria's father and all the villagers. She even, at one point, travels to both the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten where she meets La Muerta, the Candlemaker, the Adelita Twins and Xibalba. Eventually she meets Joaquin Mondragon. It turns out that although Joaquin has accepted Manolo and Maria getting together, he is still depressed about losing Maria. Candace tries to cheer him up. Two weeks has past, and at the time Carmen and Joaquin have gotten to know each other, Candace has started to


78 deviations

The Cast of The New AKOM

* Willow: This version of Willow is a fairy/goblin hybrid * Gregore: Willow's Husband, an ogre * Tom: Willow and Gregore's son. This version of Tom has a superhero alter ego named Tom X and is a member of the Justice Legion. Tom X has all the powers of Johnny X from Johnny Test * Cindy: Willow's and Gregore's daughter. This version of Cindy wears flip flops * Ferocia: Willow's sister and witch * His Highness: The family pet who is also a prince turned into a frog * Jojo: Tom's best friend. This version of Jojo is a vegan vampire * Tina: Tom's girlfriend * Kat: Jojo's girlfriend * Miss Tinker: Tom's teacher * The Goblin King: Willow'

A Kind of Magic

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Monster High

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Princess Sally turned to stone by a cursed belt


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Justice Legion

Marvelous Man: Leader and a Captain Ersatz of Dr. Manhattan. Not to be confused with Universe-2 Marvelous Man who 1st appeared in Action Stories 1 Nite Bat: 2nd-in-command and Captain Ersatz of Nite Owl The Comic: Captain Ersaz of The Comedian Ramses: Captain Ersatz of Ozymandias Mister X: Captain Ersatz from Rorschach Spandex Spectre: Captain Ersatz of the Silk Spectre Honorary Members: Optimus Prime Ninja Turtles He-Man Ben Tennyson Generator Rex Sym-Bionic Titan The Powerpuff Girls Samurai Jack Imaginary Man Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Really Really Big Man El Tigre White Pantera Danny Phantom Crimson Chin Powdered T

Justice Legion

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Knights of Cerebus

* Matt Pinfield: Villain from the animated Naked Brothers Band special "Supetastic 6" and leader of the Knights of Cerebus. Pilots the Gunman "Lazengann Mk-II" * Ganondorf: Villain from The Legend of Zelda. 2nd-in-command of the Knights of Cerebus and archenemy of Tad C. DeCartoon . Pilots the giant robot. A giant talking bee. Pilots the super robot "Nemesis Mazinger" * Bowser: Villain from Super Mario Bros. and 3rd-in-command of the Knights of Cerebus. Pilots the Mobile Suit "RX-78 3 Nemesis Gundam" * Wario: Character from Wario Land. Pilots the giant robot "Nemesis Voltes V" * Dr. V: Leader of the EEVL Society Destler. Her real name is

Super Milestone Wars

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Super Milestone Wars 2: The Final Chapter

Today is New Years Eve and the final battle has begun... in space. Also Rosalina returns as Miss Conduct. Team Dai-Gurren decide to finish the battle by forming Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Princess Jody decide the level the playing field by, with the power of the Chaos Emerald, transforming the moon-sized Super Galaxy Big Machine into the galaxy-sized "Tengen Toppa Big Machine". The two mechas then start to brawl, and they are evenly matched. The expanded Supetastic 6 decide to help and, with they're own Laganns, combines they're Spiral energy to form the "Tengen Toppa Variblune" which resembles the Variblune from Himitsu Sental Goranger only

Super Milestone Wars 2

60 deviations
Happy Birthday, Cartuneslover16

Littlest Pet Shop

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Crossover Taisen the final chapter

The Supetastic 6 Unlimited, All Riders, the Super Sentai 199, the Gokaigers and the Go-Busters have fought the evil Zan-Shocker organisation for months. Zan-Shocker and the Voidspace Army has had some conflict with each other too. To make things worst, the Voidspace Army have created their own Greeed. Meanwhile Gumball Watterson and Penny Fitzgerald receive the New Decadriver and Typhoon belt from Kamen Rider Aka. Together they transform into Kamen Rider New Decade and Kamen Rider Diend-la. Meanwhile ,while coming face to face with Queen Chrysalis, Team Dai-Gurren form Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the Supetastic 6 Unlimited form Tengen Toppa G

Crossover Taisen

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The Disposables, Ch. 1

One night The Disposables deploy to the Gulf of Aden to save hostages on a vessel from Somali pirates. The Disposables fight the pirates and take them out in a minute without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile at the island city-state of Tropolis, the evil Dr. Beeswax, plots to takeover the world. The next day, Dr. Beeswax and his robot army go to New York City and hold the United Nations hostage, he also hijacks the television airwaves. Dr. Beeswax, on live TV, demands that all the world nations subject to the government of Tropolis or he destroys (kills) the ambassadors. The Disposables see this on TV and take their modified XP 2112 to New York. W

The Disposables

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Rebuild of AoStH, Ch. 1

It's been 16 years after Sonic's Christmas adventure (Sonic's Christmas Blast). Alot has changed since then, Sonic and Tails is older, Tails has become a gadgeteer genius, Sonic now has a girlfriend named Amy Rose, and Sonic & Tails now have a third member to their team who goes by the name Knuckles. As for Dr. Robotnik, he had his named legally changed to Dr. Eggman and resembles his Sonic Adventure counterpart due to regeneration via encasing himself in a giant egg and altering his appearance. He also replaced his SWATbots (last seen in Sonic's Christmas Blast) with updated versions that resemble the SWATbots from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark

Rebuild of AoStH

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Fionna's Big Problem

Fionna was in the other room changing into her new outfit that she plans to use to impress Prince Gumball. "Well Cake, how do I look?" says Fionna as she comes out of the room. She was wearing a blue hat with matching shirt & pants  and a red belt. "Girl, you look fine" says Cake. Fionna and Cake were walking to the Candy Kingdom when all of a sudden, Fionna comes across a bush with a bunch of berries growing out of it. "Wow, those are some tasty looking berries, I think I'll try one" says Fionna as she picks one. "But you don't know where those berries been, girl" says Cake. "But the Plot Hole is driving me to eat one" says Fionna as she eat

Chris Jackson's Fionna and Cake

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Out There Motivator

Out There

4 deviations
Moon Maid

Dick Tracy

1 deviation

Betsy Bee

Name: Betsy Bee Nickname(s): Princess Age: 6 Species: Bee Gender: Female Height: 70 cm (2 ft 3 in) Weight: 10 kg (22 lb) IQ: Very high for a six year old Marital Status: In a relationship DOB: Febuary 14 Birth Place: Golden Hive Colony (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) Residence: Golden Hive Colony (Pre-Super Genesis Wave) Occupation: Honorary member of the Chaotix Social Class: Economic Class: Alignment: Good Top Speed: Basic Stats(can't exceed 40) Agility - Speed - Strength - Defense - Evasiveness - Dexterity - Intelligence - 40 Skill - Special Attacks: Flight, Super speed, Sharp stinger, Capable detective and tracker, Warp flower usage, Create

Sonic OCs

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What If Tommy Wiseau Played The Anti-Monitor

Misc. stuff

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No. 56, 2021

Devious Folder

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Unbreakable Bonds, Pilot

"Prologue" Do you believe in magic? Hi I'm Joanna Wolfe. I live in Venice Beach California and I USED to have a normal life....until about three weeks ago. I've always been into gaming and people said I was scared of my own shadow (and to be honest, they were right) That was until I met Raymonda LeStrange AKA Rae Strange. She's a mermaid witch hybrid from this mystical fantasy world called "The Nowhere Lands" whose soul purpose it seems is to attract trouble....and send me to an early grave..... Turns out she stole some magical talisman called the "Stone of change" from some majorly uncool guys called the "Wizards of the Ash Mountain" and n

Unbreakable Bonds

1 deviation

Badnik Masters

Villager Man: Badnik Master version of the default Villager from Animal Crossing Shulk Man: Badnik Master version of Shulk from Xenoblade Pit Man: Badnik Master version of Pit from Kid Icarus Link Man: Badnik Master version of Link from The Legend of Zelda Fox Man: Badnik Master version of Fox McCloud Kirby Man: Badnik Master of Kirby from the video game of the same name Ness Man: Badnik Master version of Ness from EarthBound Olimar Man: Badnik Master version of Olimar from Pikmin Duck Hunt Man Wii Fit Trainer Woman Donkey Kong Man Marth Man Samus Woman Little Mac Man Captain Falcon Man

Nintendo 3DS

3 deviations

Sonic and the Dept. of Hotness the Soundtrack

* Evum by Plej * Chok-A-Blok Avenue (original mix) by the Barrio Jazz Gang * Nothing Ever Hurt Like You by James Morrison * Valerie by Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse * One Hundred Ways by James Ingram ft. Quincy Jones * Dream Of Me by Lost Midas * Move For Me by Kaskade * I''m Still Standing by Elton John * Mr. Blue Sky by the Electric Lights Orchestra * Crush by Jennifer Paige * My Computer Is Funk by DJ Bitman * Circle (The Dub Club) by Soulstance

Sonic and the Dept. of Hotness

4 deviations

Katana Cop, Pilot

One night at the scene of a ninja war, a cop found the perfect gold-plated katana, that was the day he became Katana Cop. "I need a partner now" said Katana Cop. So Katana Cop held try outs for a partner. "My name is Sword & Gun Cop" said a cop with a rapier and gun. "Sign here, we got a mob of dinosaurs to stop" said Katana Cop. And so Katana Cop and Sword & Gun Cop went to the Volcano Land and fought the Dinosaur Mob. Sword & Gun Cop got some dinosaur blood on him during the battle, "I. feel. strange." said Sword & Gun Cop" as the dinosaur blood transformed him into a "dinosaur commando". That the day the duo became "Katana Cop and Dinosaur

Katana Cop

2 deviations

United Empire of Evil

"Leadership" Dark Fuhrer: Also known as the Dark King. He is the leader of the United Empire of Evil and ruler of Earth Dimension X13 under the title of "His Imperial & Royal Majesty The Dark Fuhrer, Emperor of Earth Dimension X13, God King of All Gods of Evil, Aristocrat of Destruction". He resembles a cross between the Black Cross Fuhrer from Himitsu Sentai Gorenger and Dark Specter from Power Rangers in Space. Also he has horns that resembles a crown and he carries a scepter Professor James Moriarty: Villain from Sherlock Holmes and 2nd-in-command of the United Empire of Evil Commander-in-Chief Goldtor: An evil robot and 3rd-in-command

The Best Novel in the World

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Human Penny Fitzgerald

Just for Fun

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Henshin Watch

Space Sheriffs Metallix

6 deviations
Cassie the Friendly Kivouachian (Composite)

My OCs

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My last Polyvore set


1 deviation
Dr. Beeswax

The Loud House 90s AU OCs

2 deviations

Parliament of Dracula

==Leadership== Emperor Dracula: The leader of the Parliament of Dracula and the most powerful version of Dracula in the Omniverse Prime Minister Dracula: 2nd-in-command of the Parliament of Dracula Death: 3rd-in-command of the Parliament of Dracula, a version of the Grim Reaper native to Emperor Dracula's universe and the only member of high command that's not a Dracula ==Membership== Dracula (Bram Stroker's novel) Dracula (Universal classics) Dracula (Hammer Horror) Count Orlok Dracula (Marvel Comics) Dracula (Avengers Assemble) Dracula (Nosferatu, the Vampyre) Dracula (Van Helsing the movie) Count Dracula Duck Dracula (The Batman vs. D


1 deviation

Thoe Loud House 2001 AU OCs

1 deviation

Jack Slater 6: Best Fan Fic Ever, Ch. 3

Jack Slater and Dinosaur Commando holds even more try-outs to form an unstoppable team. New members include Robo-rang (played by Patton Oswalt), Uni-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man (played by Kel Mitchell), Iggy Wrinkles (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince) and Rex. Robo-rang is a superhero with robot arms that can transform into boomerangs that can be detached and thrown, Uni-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man is a super scientist with a unicorn horn on his head that's the source of his power, Iggy Wrinkles is a talking police dog that knows karate, shoots lasers out of his mouth, has eye beams and wears Kamina shades... also he's like coffee gum and clinging to p

Jack Slater 6: Best Fan Fic Ever

4 deviations