Super Milestone Wars: Year One part I

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One foggy night, within the Scooby=verse, the evil Revolta (who was last seen in Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School) is plotting revenge against the Grimwood Girls. For mysterious reasons, she has obtained a drawing of an evil villain created by the younger brother (who is now in jail) of the creator of Space Sheriff Gavan. Revolta uses her dark magic to bring him to life  and use him against the Grimwood Girls. But as soon as he comes to life he turn on her and escapes. The creation, who now named himself Don Tyrano, teleports himself into the Metal Hero universe and reforms the Space Mafia Makuu, now called Dai-Makuu. Don Tyrano also revives every Metal Hero villain ever known, from Kublai from Space Sheriff Shaider to Sakurako Takamine from Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack. The forces of Dai-Makuu then go to Japan on Earth Major and free Don Tyrano's creator from prison, who spends his free time drawing kaijin. Don Tyrano then recruits his creator to Dai-Makuu and nicknames him "The Cartoonist", but not before using his magic sword cane to bring to life a few more creations and names them Insecta (a female) and Fishtor (a fish monster) as well as an army of robotic foot soldiers whom Don Tyrano calls "Dai-Makuu Combatmen". And just for the fum of it, the forces of Dai-Makuu releases everyone from prison. It's up to the Supetastic 6 and their allie, Space Sheriff Aka and Gokai White, to stop them. To be continued....
Today marks the one year anniversary of my Super Milestone Wars fan fic series. Please comment.
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