Super Milestone Wars Part 1

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The night was humid at the castle of the evil Princess of Vanpires, Jody. Princess Jody has a husband named Tom whom she made a vampire when he was a boy. When Tom turned 21, but was a kid on the outside, Tom married Jody, making him Jody's consort and the Prince of Vampires. A long time ago she conquored the entire Earth, as well at the entire universe, but it wasn't enough for her. One day she discovered the existance of the Multiverse and vows to conquor it. She uses alien technology to travel to Universe Prime. There she joins forces with the Alliance of Doom, led by the Dark Overlord. The Overlord helps Princess Jody to form her own "Legion of Doom"-type organisation called Injustice Unit Patrol Squad. The first to join the Injustice Legion is King Lotor of Planet Doom. Lotor introiduces Jody to the substance, Haggarium. Jody plans to use Haggarium to revive some of the dead villains of the Multiverse, but first she tests the Haggarium on the dead body of Princess Euphemia li Britannia, it's works as she is brought back to like. Jody then uses the Haggarium on what remains of Emperor Charles zi Brittania as he too is brought back to life. Jody, Tom, Lotor and Charles later travel the Multiverse recruiting more members to Injustice Unit Patrol Squad. To be continued....
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Coming soon, Super Milestone Wars Part 2.
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