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As if the Black Saltier Army and Dai-Makuu weren't bad enough, the evil Princess Jody has returned. After escaping from her prison dimension, she forms the evil organization "Dai-Vaglass", formed from the remnants of Vaglass (the villain group from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters) and the conglomeration of a bunch of Legion of Doom-type organizations including the Legion of Doom themselves. Princess Jody also joins forces with the Black Saltier King, forming an alliance (or Big Bad Duumvirate in TV Trope terms). Meanwhile in the Monster High-verse Abbey Bominable is approached by a japanese normie name Hikari Ichigo, Hikari then uses her belt to transform into Kamen Rider Erin. Kamen Rider Erin asks Abbey to assist her to stop Dai-Vaglass from taking over the Multiverse, Abbey accepts and asks Spectra Vondertgeist, CA Cupid, Rochelle Goyle and Sarah Screams to tag along. Using her teleportaion powers, Kamen Rider Erin and the others travel to other dimensions to recruit members to their team. First they go to the Ed-verse and recruit Nazz, then they go to the Bleach-verse to recruit Mizuho Asano. With Team Erin formed, they go off to assist the Supetastic 6 in their fight against Dai-Vaglass. Gokai White joins the battle but his Ranger Keys get stolen by the Black Cross King and uses his "Unamed Cannon-like object" to create Ranger Key Clones of all the Sentai Red rangers, Sixth Rangers, Extra Rangers and the Metal Heroes. Tean Aragorn, Team Meta Knight and Team Dedede joins the fight with the Supetastic 6 and battles the Ranger Key Clones. After an epic battle, the Ranger Key Clones revert back into key form. After an army of BugZords appear, The Supetastic 6 uses the "Metal Hero Bazooka", which has the power of all the Metal Heroes, on the BugZords, blowing them away. But the battle is not over yet as Princess Jody appears in her personal mecha, the MegaZord Epsilon Mk-II. Gokai White lends Kamen Rider Erin his Magic Coin and uses it to grow large. After an epic battle transforms into Super Mode and uses her Rider
Kick on the MegaZord Epsilon Mk-II, destroying it, while blasting off Princess Jody, Team Rocket style (look up "A Twinkle in the Sky" on TV Tropes). Dai-Vaglass may have been defeated but the battle with the Black Saltier Army still continues. The End.
This fan fic is a birthday gift I created for Erin Fitzgerald for her burthday. It's part of my Super Milestone Wars series. Please comment. Happy birthday Erin!

For more info on the Super Milestone Wars series go here and here:

Here's more info on Team Erin and Dai-Vaglass:
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