Super Milestone Wars 2 part I

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Nat and Alex Wolff are performing the song "Illuminated" from their new album "Black Sheep" during a concert in Bryant Park, New York City, when all of a sudden a portal opens from the sky. Suddenly out of the portal emerges an unfathomably large flying ship, commanding the ship is Matt Pinfield and his 2nd-in-command, a recently revived Discord. This flying ship "called the Voidspace Gunship" then fires the main cannon, causing a dark bubble to appear in the distance, engulfing the entire Earth. The Earth then appears in a mysterious dimension called Voidspace with many other alternate Earths that have been sent here by the Voidspace Gunship. Nat, Alex, and the rest of the band then transforms into the Supetastic 6 and teleport into their moon-shaped starship, the "Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Mk-II", which was back in their home dimension. What is left of Earth is a planet-sized Voidspace bubble. And so the Supetastic 6 head to other unverses to re-form "Supetastic 6 Unlimited". To be continued....
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