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The city of New York, a city plagued with crime, that is before Justice Unit Patrol Squad showed up. The Justice Legion consists of Marvelous Man (the leader), Nite Beetle, Ramses, Mister X, Spandex Spectre, The Comic and Morph Girl. One day at the United Nations, the emperor of DEO Island "the Dark Overlord" is adressing the UN General Assembly. Then all of the sudden the Mecha-mooks (the Dark Overlord's robot army) appear. Then after that The Overlord holds the UN hostage, demanding that the world submit to him. Meanwhile at the Hall of Liberty, Justice Unit Patrol Squad spring into action. Marvelous Man uses his teleportation powers to telepory himself and his teammates into the UN. Justice Unit Patrol Squad destroy the Mecha-mooks and free the hostages, but the Dark Overlord has escaped. And so once aghain the day is saved, thanks to the Justice Unit Patrol Squad. The End.
The members of Justice Unit Patrol Squad are "Captain Ersatzs" of the cast of Watchmen. Except for Morph Girl, she a Captain Ersatz of Element Woman from FlashPoint.
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