Hotttie PRESENTS #4

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Published: May 24, 2013
==Hottie Presents: The Venturesome Ventures of Tad C. DeCartoon==

The year is 1996, and a young man named Thaddeus C. DeCartoon, or Tad for short, discovers a magic coin on the ground, he then decides to plant it in hopes of growing a magic coin tree so he'll have more. one week later a magic coin tree has grown. These magic coins can grant the user superpowers (IE super strength, super speed and invulnerability) but only for 24 hours, then after that the coin is useless, which is why he planted the one coin he found. Meanwhile, during his career as a superhero, Tad encounters the evil Dr. Beeswax, a mad scientist who is also a giant talking bee. Dr. Beeswax is also the ruler of a island city-state named Tropolis and he had a robot army. That was the day Dr. Beeswax became Tad's arch-enemy and have been fighting ever since. Now it is the present day and Tad has quit using magic coins in favor of a magic ring that transforms toys into into the tools and weapons they represent (it can also give the wearer teleportation and the ability to talk to snakes). Tad has created an an arsenal with his magic ring. Meanwhile at Tropolis, Dr. Beeswax, who is still active, is plotting once again to takeover the world. The next day, Dr. Beeswax and his robot army go to New York City and hold the United Nations hostage, he also hijacks the television airwaves. Dr. Beeswax, on live TV, demands that all the world nations subject to the government of Tropolis or he destroys (kills) the ambassadors. Tad sees this on TV, puts his arsenal in a backpack and uses his magic ring to teleport inside the UN. Tad then uses his Gaburevolver to transform into Kyoryu White (as seen in Hottie 3: The Best Fan Fic in the World, Ch 18), he also uses his Mobirate and Gold Anchor Key to transform into Kyoryu White Gold Mode, then lastly he arms himself with the Battle Riser. In a matter of minutes Dr. Beeswax's robot army is defeated. Dr. Beeswax later retreats. The end.
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Today's episode is based off of daydreams I had when I was a kid.

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