Hottie PRESENTS #9

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==Hottie Presents: "Grojband: Axe League "==

One day at the scene of a fire, Corey Riffin of Grojband found a magic fireman axe. When Corey picked up the ax, it transformed him into a superhero. That was the day he became "Axe Man". The rest of Grojband also become superheroes. Laney Penn became Flute Girl who fights crime with a magic flute that can also transform into a magic bass, Kon Kujira becomes Boomerang Man who, with the power of a magic pendant, can transform his arms into boomerang arms and can be detached and thrown, and Kin Kujira becomes Ani-Man who, with the power of a magic pendant, has pegasus wings, a unicorn horn and has all the powers of an alicorn (like the ones in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). That was the day Grojand became the "Axe League". On their first day of crimefighting, the Axe League went to the island of volcanoes and fought a gang of dinosaurs. Flute Girl kicks one of the dinosaurs in the face, giving the dinosaur a bloody nose. But Flute Girl got dinosaur blood on her after kicking the dinosaur in the face. "I feel strange..." sais Flute Girl. The dinosaur blood caused Flute Girl to unexpectdely transform into a dinosaur girl (picture Laney Penn with green skin, claws, fangs and a dinosaur tail). And so Flute Girl became Dinosaur Girl. Meanwhile Trina Riffin decides to become a supervillain. Trina dons a custom made supervillain costume and becomes "Princess Chaos". Trina also makes Mina become her supervillain sidekick "Henchgirl". On their first day of commiting evil, Princess Chaos and Henchgirl rob a bank, using a regular spoon as a weapon (FYI, this is a shout out of The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Spoon"). After her first successful bank robbery, Princess Chaos has enough money to hire some former KGB agent as her bodyguard/2nd-in-command, this former KGB agent then becomes the supervillain "Red Scare". Princess Chaos also recruit a bunch of criminals and mercenaries, forming the evil supervillain army "the Toxic Mega Tunks". The Toxic Mega Tunks also get their own evil lair in the form of an abandoned building. The lair even has a throne room, complete with a throne for Princess Chaos to sit while she bosses around her minions. The next day, the Axe League and the Toxic Mega Tunks fight for the first time. Dinosaur Girl eats a radioactive avocado, transforming her into an avocado (picture Laney Penn with an avocado for a head) while at the same time giving her the power to shoot avocados out of her hands. "I'm Avocado Girl now" said Dinosaur Girl AKA Avocado Girl". Axe Man sucks on a radioactive lemon and transforms into Axe Man With Lemon, giving him Super Saiyan hair, the power to materialize and throw lemon grenades, and a lemon wedge in his axe. Red Scare eats a radioactive apple and gains apple hands that could shoot apples. Despite his new power, he was no match for the Axe League. Princess Chaos tries to fight herself only to get a beat down by Avocado Girl. After one epic battle the Toxic Mega Tunks are defeated. The end.

This is my first ever Grojband fan fiction. This is what it would be like if Grojband were superheroes.

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Butt rainbows!!!!!
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It like the first few episodes of AXE COP.
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I have nothing to say about this.
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